PHOTO: North Carolina Cop Carries 4-Foot Snake Off of Roof Around Her Neck

by Amy Myers
Photo by David Northcott/Corbis via Getty Images

When a four-foot snake found its way on top of a North Carolina resident’s home, local police didn’t hesitate to grab a ladder and get to work.

The call came to the High Point Police Department earlier this week, but while responding to the first sighting, officers couldn’t find the scaly escape artist. Thankfully, though, another resident spotted the huge serpent on their roof and issued a second call to the police department. This time, they enlisted the help of the High Point Fire Department and used their ladder to bring the snake to sssafety.

The brave woman responsible for the capture was Animal Control Officer Owens, who fearlessly scaled up to the roof, placed the snake around her neck and calmly climbed back down. According to Owens, the snake is a non-native nonvenomous species, Columbian Red Tail Boa. Typically, they’re pretty harmless to humans. Likely, the constrictor was someone’s pet and either escaped or was released outside.

Once the boa was in High Point Police Department’s custody, they transported it to the Piedmont Reptile Rescue. It is unknown whether the reptile will be available for adoption or if it will remain at the rescue for the remainder of its life.

Check out photos from the rescue effort below.

In response to Officer Owen’s efforts, HPPD said, “She is very brave and she cares about animals. We’re glad to have her as part of our team!”

Meanwhile, locals were just happy that the snake came away unharmed from the incident.

“I used to have one of those [snakes] years ago, they are a really great snake and not aggressive,” one North Carolina native said. “So glad you got it in time before someone killed it or before the cold weather did it in.”

Florida Officers Remove a Much More Dangerous Snake From Neighborhood

Further south in Lee County, Florida, the Sheriff’s Office responded to their own call of a much noisier snake hiding in the bushes near a residential property. According to South District Deputies, the reptile was actually a “large Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake,” which carries a high level of venom in its bite.

“Deputy Jim VanPelt, who is licensed through FWC as a large constrictor contractor, used his training and experience to wrangle this large rattler using proper equipment,” the sheriff’s office reported.

Lucky to have Deputy VanPelt on their team, the department stressed that not all deputies have the training to handle snakes. With the help of VanPelt, they relocated the rattler to a “desolate area” with room to hunt and hide.

With another snake transported out of harm’s way, the Florida police department reminded locals to leave this sort of action to the professionals, especially if the snake is venomous.