PHOTO: Pilot Spots Mysterious Red Glowing Light in Clouds Over the Pacific Ocean

by Lauren Boisvert

A pilot flying over the Pacific Ocean spotted something bizarre among the clouds recently, and we’re here to discuss what it could possibly be. Pilot Dustin Maggard spotted red glowing lights through the clouds from 31,000 feet over the ocean.

“We had no idea what we were looking at,” Maggard told KKTV out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. “We were making jokes about being in the middle of some sort of military exercise or some sort of alien invasion.”

Note that, although this Tweet says “Atlantic Ocean,” the lights were actually seen over the Pacific Ocean

In the short video that Maggard took of the phenomenon, seen here at KKTV, the red glowing lights are extremely bright and vivid, even through the clouds. They’re gathered in a little cluster, glowing ominously. UFOs-of-the-sea? End of days? The Upside Down from Netflix’s “Stranger Things”? None of the above, actually.

Weather expert Neil Jacobs spoke with KKTV about the lights, stating that they were actually boats. “They were commercial fishing vessels that were fishing for Pacific saury using very bright red arrays of LED lights,” said Jacobs. Apparently, the red lights attract the saury and make for an easier catch. Jacobs entered the flight data into the Global Fishing Watch database. He was then able to find the vessels to which the lights belonged.

Additionally, these red glowing lights are so bright they can actually be seen from the International Space Station. “You can literally see [the lights] from outer space,” said Jacobs. And so, ambitious speculation comes to an end with a mundane but still interesting answer. It’s not aliens, but it does involve catching fish with light, which is still pretty cool in my book.

Why Have Aliens Never Visited Earth? New Research Provides an Enlightening Answer

We love to discuss aliens here. We love their probability, the latest crazy sighting, whether or not they’ve really visited us here on Earth. Aliens are definitely a hot topic. And, while the red glowing lights in the Pacific turned out to just be fishing vessels, we can still dream.

So, why aren’t we sure that aliens have ever visited us for real? There are plenty of famous sightings and “crashes,” but there’s so much secrecy surrounding aliens in the US that it’s hard to know for sure. Back in May, the Royal Society Open Science Journal made a claim that we haven’t actually seen or contacted any alien beings. Apparently, it has a lot to do with our growth as a civilization.

According to the research, “civilizations either collapse from burnout or redirect themselves to prioritizing homeostasis, a state where cosmic expansion is no longer a goal, making them difficult to detect remotely.” Basically, these civilizations completely destroy themselves before they even begin to conquer interstellar travel. So, they never discover aliens.

On the other hand, other civilizations work in tandem with their environment, conserving their resources and achieving homeostasis. This means a lasting relationship with the Earth, and they never look to the stars. Again, no aliens.

So, what does this research mean, exactly? It’s more of a way for us to look at our civilization, growth, and resource consumption and take a step back. Our planet is essentially dying, but there are things we can do to save it. Instead of looking to the stars as our new home, we need to save the one we have before we burn ourselves out. Space exploration is crucial to understanding our world, of course. But, how much is understanding going to be worth when there’s no place to live anymore?