PHOTO: Skier Approaches Moose Stuck in Deep Snow in Canada

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

A Canadian skier was witness to a very unusual sight recently as they came upon a moose that was stuck deep within the mountain snow. The area where the skier spotted the animal is an extremely remote skiing area. However, outdoor lovers like to flock to the area which is located in the Chic-Choc Mountains. This scenic area is well-known for its stunning peaks and backcountry terrain.

The “Atmosphere Was Incredible” As The Canadian Skier Comes Face To Face With The Magnificent Moose

The unique photo comes from a local professional skier who is well-known in the Chic-Choc area. The skier, Félix Savard-Côté, recounts the experience, describing the moment he came face to face with the massive moose.

“I have seen lots of wildlife over the years while skiing and running in the mountains,” notes Savard-Côté. The skier went on to note that he never sets out to find wildlife. But this is something that comes with skiing professionally in these areas.

“Sometimes it’s more memorable than others,” he relates. “I was listening to music while skinning up for the second day of the season and encountered one of the most beautiful moose I have ever seen.”

According to Savard-Côté, he stopped in his tracks once he spotted the magnificent moose. The two stood there watching each other for about “20 to 30 minutes” the skier recalls.

“It’s not the first time I’ve seen wild animals so close,” he says. “But the atmosphere there was incredible.”

Félix Savard-Côté, remembers how he was “amazed by the feeling” the moose gave him after he went on, skiing down the mountain.

The Canadian Skier Returned To The Area The Very Next Day For Some Impressive Pics

Félix Savard-Côté relates how he returned to the area where the moose was sitting the very next day. This time, however, he brought a buddy.

“After a few hundred meters of walking, he was there,” the skier recalls.

“We stayed there even with the new 30cm of fresh snow(no skiing),” Félix Savard-Côté adds noting that the “moose slept” in front of the two for “quite a while.” It was an atmosphere, he notes that was “the same as the day before.”

It’s hard to tell in the pic if the moose was there in the snow because it wanted to be, or if it was actually stuck. There are plenty of stories regarding moose that get stuck in massive tree wells in areas like this one in the Chic-Choc mountains.