PHOTO: Texas Man Catches Moss-Covered, 13+ Foot Alligator

by Shelby Scott

A Texas alligator hunter scored the trophy of a lifetime this season when he snagged an impressive 13-foot, moss-covered beast. Be sure to see the photos of the reptile here.

According to Outdoor Life, the 13-foot, 4.25-inch alligator was captured by Texas hunter Shane Lee. Lee saw assistance from his nephew Lance Stephens and his friend Jerid Ellis. The memorable alligator hunt began when Lee and Stephens were selected in a drawing to receive two of 10 state-issued alligator licenses. And, unlike during deer season, the duo was on a tight schedule.

Per the outlet, the alligator hunters had just under three weeks to take home a trophy catch. The state’s open season for alligator hunting runs from September 10th through September 30th. But their luck came sooner than expected.

Lee, Stephens, and Ellis set out on a hunt on opening day, September 10th. The 10th is when the hunter’s nephew Lance managed to fill his tag. Several days later, they set out again. In an attempt to draw in the biggest game, they set out equally large bait: a big, dead raccoon.

One Hell of a Tail

Recalling his experience catching the moss-covered alligator, the lucky hunter said, “We are out in that water (in Tarkington, TX) all the time duck hunting and we never knew that alligator was even in there. We didn’t know there was one that big in there. We had never seen him before.”

Photos of the elderly reptile show bright green moss dotting its scaley back but mostly coating its long tail.

In recalling the catch, the trio saw the massive alligator shaking the tree where their bait hung, thrashing and barrel-rolling on the end of the line. Given its size, the hunters ended the creature’s battle with a quick shot to its head. Afterward, they used a winch to haul him out of the water.

Given its size and maturity, it’s likely the scaley beast is anywhere between 65 and 75 years old.

Authorities Haul 400-Pound Alligator With Tow Truck

They say everything’s bigger in Texas and that, seemingly, includes its wildlife— or, at least, its alligator population. About the same time that Shane Lee hauled home a massive 13-foot+ alligator, authorities near Houston, TX were called out to remove an equally impressive 400-pound alligator when it began wandering Katy city streets and yards.

Footage shows the massive gator meandering through one resident’s backyard, leisurely taking in the sights. The alligator’s stroll, however, gets cut short when local authorities, including both police and animal control, convene to haul the monster gator into the bed of a pickup truck with an assist from a tow truck.

The clip, overall, is pretty humorous, as the animal, with its mouth taped shut to keep it from injuring its rescuers, gets hoisted into the back of the truck. It dazedly takes in its surroundings and remains pretty docile throughout the whole rough process. Hopefully, its release went a little more smoothly.