PHOTO: This Crab With Human Teeth Has the Internet in a Full Meltdown

by Amy Myers

As if sheepshead fish weren’t bad enough, we’ve now found crabs that have human-like teeth, too. And yes, it will give you nightmares.

Recently, a Norwegian trawlerman named Roman Fedortsov found the creepy crustacean during his journey through Russian waters. In the past, Fedortsov has caught some other odd creatures hiding among the rest of his catch, but this latest one has piqued the internet’s interest.

“Crabs … Still, there is something attractive and repulsive about them. Mother nature did her best … ” Fedortsov appropriately captioned the bizarre photo.

The crab’s upper mandibles sported a row of four, perfectly straight teeth. Its open mouth and protruding nostril openings gave the barnacle-covered crustacean an alarmingly human-like appearance.

We won’t delay the reveal any further. But just know you won’t be able to unsee it.

It’s unclear exactly what type of crab is in the photo, or even whether it’s alive. But, not surprisingly, Instagrammers had some pretty wild theories of their own to explain the creature’s anthropomorphic qualities.

“What if crabs are reincarnated humans?” one user posed, effectively sending shivers down our spines.

“He probably eats humans remains,” another user added.

A third, more comical response was that the crab “Looks like a Pokémon in the final stage of being beaten in battle.”

Meanwhile, a more reasonable Instagrammer suggested that the “teeth” were nothing more than a shell abnormality. While this very well may be true, that doesn’t make the growth any less terrifying.

Norwegian Angler Shares Other Creatures with Similar Teeth as Crab

Unfortunately, the horror doesn’t end with the creepy crab. In fact, Roman Fedortsov’s Instagram is chock-full of monstrous fish and aquatic creatures with strange features.

Take, for instance, this giant wolf fish that, unlike the crab, has more scattered, almost baby teeth in the front of its mouth.

This fish’s fang-like teeth are the inspiration behind its name, simultaneously earning other titles like the “devil fish.”

Besides their startling appearance, the wolf fish is a pretty remarkable specimen. They easily thrive in water just above freezing temperature and even contain naturally-occurring antifreeze in their bodies to help their blood flow. The angler’s close-up of the creature’s mouth may keep us awake at night, but that doesn’t mean the wolf fish doesn’t at least deserve some admiration.

Another creature with impressive dental work was a creature that resembled a cheddar-covered burger than it did an actual fish. The angler, himself, couldn’t help but draw similarities to a certain scene from Spongebob Squarepants, and fellow Instagrammers, too, couldn’t quite wrap their heads around the cheeseburger with teeth.

One commenter captured our thoughts exactly with their comment, asking “How do you keep getting these weird fish?”

Although, we’ve yet to find the angler’s answer.