PHOTO: Weasel Takes Flight on the Back of a Woodpecker

by Jonathan Howard

There are some outdoor images that will just live on forever. If you don’t know about the weasel and woodpecker photo, get ready to have your mind blown. This is one of those pictures that has been around for what seems like forever, but it never gets old. And every time I see it, I just hope this is going on every day somewhere out in the wild.

Weasel and the Woodpecker

Now, look as a weasel hitches a ride with a woodpecker in the most amazing symbiotic relationship that you will see today.

Now, this has long been debated whether or not it is real and this and that. However, photographer Martin Le-May insists that his photo is true. This European green woodpecker is actually not having a great time, in case the look on its face didn’t give that away. This is less of an agreed-upon arrangement and more of an attack gone wrong.

The weasel was probably staging an attack just when the woodpecker decided to do some drastic – take-off into the air. According to a National Geographic article from 2015, the bird was able to get away in the end.

This is just a once-in-a-lifetime photo and something that you could wait around one million years for and you might never see. Just one of those things that nature does randomly and luckily, someone was there with a camera to capture the wild moment. Because there is no way anyone would have believed the photographer if they weren’t able to snap this photo.

While this was a case of a European woodpecker, America has had some good woodpecker news in 2022.

Back From the Dead?

In the latter part of 2021, it was announced that the ivory-billed woodpecker was joining the list of extinct animals. What was once a symbol of the American southeast was soon pushed into the far corners and reaches of the wild. And eventually, down to nothing… or so we thought.

Now, in 2022, there has been verified proof of ivory-billed woodpeckers in Louisiana. The bird is alive and living in small pockets in the hard-to-reach areas of the deep South. There has been footage from researchers showing birds flying, distinctly as the ivory-billed woodpeckers do. Then, they did further research to verify that it wasn’t just ghosts they were seeing. Theoretical ghosts, of course.

Since we know that these woodpeckers, even without weasels, are alive – more can be done to protect the fragile creatures. The last accepted sighting of these animals came in 1944, so it’s been almost 80 years in the making. They hid, but now, perhaps they are starting to come out. Let’s hope that they are protected and allowed to thrive.