Photographer Goes Literally Head-to-Head with Young Elk Buck in Nail-Biting Video

by Amy Myers

There are a lot of risks that wildlife photographers take each day they decide to point their lens at a new subject. In this case, a man nearly found out just how deadly elk antlers can be when he found himself face-to-face with one.

The video took place on a roadway in between two wooded sections and focused on a wildlife photographer that was already on the ground and in the middle of an intense encounter with a young buck with only two tines at the top of its head. Likely unsure what animal, dressed in green, was in front of it, the buck pressed forward against the man’s head, using the typical techniques to twist an opponent’s head and gain the advantage. But the man kept his own noggin tucked low and didn’t leave any extremities exposed. Clearly, this wasn’t his first close call with a wild animal.

At some point, the elk pulled back and switched sides so that he and the dedicated cameraman were in the grass. Dedicated to his job to a fault, the man kept snapping photos in between charges.

Not surprisingly, the elk re-engaged with the man, its small yet deadly sharp antlers nearly skewering the man’s shoulders. The advances were becoming increasingly aggressive, the buck even beginning to back up before once again charging forward.

Finally, the man either feels brave or afraid enough to stand up and end the encounter, abandoning his gear on the ground in favor of his own safety.

Take a look.

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TikTokers Agree Elk Buck Was Not at Fault for the Encounter, Man Was Lucky to Be Alive

If it wasn’t already obvious by their imposing size and impressive antlers, elk can be incredibly dangerous creatures when they feel threatened. But you likely won’t find this out first-hand unless you decide to get out of your vehicle and approach the animal.

Likely, the photographer knew full well the worst possible outcome of his situation, but just in case, viewers on TikTok stressed that the elk was not to blame for its defensive actions.

“They are wild animals, leave them alone,” one viewer wrote, adding “unless you need dinner.”

“Get the hell out of there while you can,” another advised.

Meanwhile, others wanted to know why motorists in the background didn’t help the man get out of the potentially fatal situation.

“Why are people filming and not helping by driving up close ringing the car horn?” a fellow viewer asked.

It’s possible that the photographer discouraged anyone from intervening in the situation, wanting to get the best shot of the elk that he could. Still, there clearly wasn’t a very good exit strategy, and the man is very lucky to have come away without any injuries beyond a noogie.