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PHOTOS: Adorable Flying Squirrel Lands on Massachusetts Police Officer Directing Traffic

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/EEI_Tony)

A Massachusetts police officer got a little help directing traffic recently when a wayward flying squirrel decided to become part of the solution and join the officer on the job.

The great outdoors are full of surprises and this Plymouth Massachusetts police officer learned that rule firsthand recently as he was directing holiday traffic over the weekend. As he was working diligently watching the vehicles move about the intersection, Officer Andrew Whelan saw something furry coming towards him. Before he knew it, officer Whelan was looking at a flying squirrel that had landed squarely on his arm.

The Flying Squirrel May Or May Not Have A Permanent Role In The Plymouth Police Department After Showing Up Unexpectedly

This flying squirrel may or may not be a part of the Plymouth Massachusetts patrol team now that it decided that officer Whelan would be its buddy for the day. In a hilarious Facebook post, the Plymouth Police Department introduces the residents to the animal, noting that the officer has even given the flying animal a name.

“While directing traffic, Officer Andrew Whelan flinched a little when this flying squirrel came at him,” notes the weekend Facebook post. However, the message explains, Officer Whelan quickly realized the squirrel was his friend…not a foe.

“Then he just realized the little guy wanted to play,” the post continues.

Officer Andrew has even named the flying squirrel “Snookems” the Facebook post notes. And, rumor has it that when “Officer Whelan goes on Patrol, Snookems might be in his pocket…”

Sneaky Squirrel Sneaks Into Home, Steals Cookies, And Attacks Responding Officer

This flying squirrel named “Snookems” may have made a friend on the force. However, there’s a squirrel in New York that has very different reactions to law enforcement officials. At least, this squirrel has a different reaction when an officer is trying to take its cookies away!

A hilarious video shows the body cam footage as a Brockport, New York officer responds to a home invasion. The culprit? A cookie-loving squirrel. As the officer responds to the call, the body cam footage shows the squirrel flying out of its hiding place. The animal jumps out of the kitchen corner and over the table before jumping right at the responding officer. The feisty rodent then retreats to its hiding spot.

“On December 29th, 2017, Brockport Police were called to a residence for a squirrel that had broken into the house, reportedly eating cookies,” notes the original post from the Brockport PD.

“Officers were not expecting the warm welcome they would receive,” the post quips alongside the hilarious body cam footage. Thankfully, no one was injured in the rodent attack. And, the squirrel was removed from the property without injury.