PHOTOS: Deer Crashes Through Wisconsin School Window, Wrecks Offices

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

A deer caused damage to a school office in central Wisconsin after it jumped through a window.

Pacelli Catholic Schools posted on its Facebook about an incident where a deer burst through an office window. A school official told WFRV, a local outlet, that two employees were in the office at the time.

The deer was described as a six to eight-point buck. It promptly knocked one of the employees out of her chair as it burst through. It reportedly sounded “like an explosion.”

The school official said she kept thinking: “This isn’t real, there’s a deer in my office! I’ve got to get out of here!”

The two employees then made a run for the door when the huge animal tried to go out through a different window. The deer ended up leaving the office. It reportedly went out the main door.

However, fortunately, the school said no one was harmed, including the buck.

Pacelli Catholic Schools are located in Stevens Point, which is about an hour and a half west of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Firefighters Rescue Deer Stuck in Alabama Storm Drain

Normally, when you think of animals roaming the sewers, you think of alligators. However, this time, firefighters in Troy, Alabama had to rescue a deer from a local sewer.

According to Oct. 27 Facebook post from the Troy Fire Department, several of the department’s firefighters received an unusual call “a few nights ago” about a deer stuck in a sewer.

The firefighters responded to the call and found a male deer looking out of a storm drain. The incident occurred right in time for Halloween, where the deer seems to be impersonating Pennywise, the clown from It.

The Troy Fire Department shared a photo of the deer looking out the storm drain and a video of firefighters rescuing the wild animal on social media. These can be viewed here.

“This deer found himself in a tight place with no way out! You never know what the next call will bring. The guys are always happy to help! Best job ever!!” the department captioned the Facebook post.

The video from the rescue shows the firefighters using straps to pull the deer out of the sewer through a manhole. They also put a blanket over the deer’s face. The firefighters place the animal on the grass nearby and help him get untangled from the straps and blanket.

The clip ends with the deer standing up. Then, it sprints off into the woods while firefighters watch.

This deer is not the first animal to accidentally end up in the sewer. In July, rescuers found a New Jersey foster dog that had been missing for days stuck in a sewer.

Firefighters, public works employees, and community members banded together to save Dylan, an 8-year-old coonhound, and get him medical help. Dylan was adopted soon after the rescue efforts.