PHOTOS: Enormous Half-Eaten Giant Squid Washes Up on Beach

by Sean Griffin

A huge white lump was found partially buried and lying in the New Zealand sand. It turned out to be a giant squid, a creature with three hearts, a giant eye, and mangled tentacles.

The corpse of this deep-sea creature washed ashore at a beach in New Zealand days before. Anton Donaldson posted photos of the giant squid to Facebook.

Farewell Spit is the long beach on the northern coast of New Zealand’s southern island where the dead carcass landed. Local guides made the discovery on September 9, according to Live Science.

The Architeuthis dux, otherwise known as the giant squid, is one of the most elusive sea creatures. Apparently, the creature is the inspiration for the mythological creature the Kraken, according to the outlet.

Giant squids have “three hearts, the largest eye in the animal kingdom and a parrot-like beak designed for ripping flesh,” Donaldson, who works at Farewell Spit Tours wrote on Facebook.

The corpse of this squid measured about thirteen feet long. However, this doesn’t include its chewed-up tentacles, which could’ve made the squid much longer, the New Zealand Herald reported.

“The tentacles on it were chewed back,” Donaldson told the New Zealand Herald. “It looked like they had been chewed back by some other sea creatures such as small sharks or fish. While I don’t know for sure, I imagine it had been floating out there for a period of time and had washed up.”

The recent discovery remains extremely rare. “For most people it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Donaldson told the New Zealand Herald, “or not even a once-in-a-lifetime.”

Also, a few tourists can be seen viewing the sight in the background of photos.

Farewell Spit sits on New Zealand’s southern island, about 270 miles southwest of Auckland.

Dead Giant Squid Found in South Africa Recently

In South Africa, a beachgoer found a deceased giant squid, much like the one just recently found in New Zealand. In this picture on Instagram, a little boy stoops over and checks out the creature.

Check out the picture below.

“Seems there is not too much known about these creatures,” the post caption says. “Limited consensus over the number of species. Estimates of species across the genus vary. At least three distinct species exist, but there could be many more. The global distribution is wide and consistent with this sighting. Looks like this poor guy got taken out by a propeller.”

From the mantle to tentacles, this creature clocked in at about seven feet long. Additionally, giant squids are the biggest invertebrates in the world.

“Poor thing. I hate that you had to see it under these circumstances,” one commenter wrote.

“Amazing to see,” another said.