PHOTOS: Hero Dog Gives Lassie a Run for Her Money, Helps Rescue Owner After 70-Foot Fall

by Amy Myers

After pointing rescue teams in the right direction toward his owner, this hero dog more than deserves his own show for his valiant efforts.

Meet the border collie named Saul – as in, better call Saul if you fall down a mountain. As with most working dogs, Saul is a dedicated and loyal companion that has a very high intellect and drive, especially when it comes to his job and his family. This impressive skill set came in handy when Saul’s owner, an unnamed 53-year-old man, fell 70 feet down a remote section of Tahoe National Forest in Nevada on July 12.

At the time, the man suspected that he sustained a broken hip and ribs and was unable to carry himself out of the situation. Luckily, the man was still conscious and could at least get himself to an area with cell service, where he dialed local authorities. The following day, the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office sent a crew of 25 search and rescue (SAR) members to find him. But they were having some trouble locating him.

“Some searchers thought they heard a voice calling out, but they couldn’t figure out where it was coming from,” Sgt. Dennis Hack told KRCA.

Sensing help was near, Saul the collie lept into action. While the SAR team tried to ping the man’s phone, the hero dog already found the rescuers. The pup crashed through the bushes and eagerly led the team back to his owner, where they could finally load him onto a gurney and transport him via airlift to a nearby hospital.

Nevada Police Says ‘True Credit’ Goes to Hero Dog

While the SAR team deserves their praise for rescuing the man from his dire situation, the Nevada police were quick to include Saul in their due credit, too.

“He’s very lucky his dog directed our search personnel to him,” Hack said.

In a Facebook post, the police department was also happy to share Saul’s brave story.

“25 SAR Members responded and located the subject but the true credit goes to the subject’s K9 Border Collie that ran through the forest approximately 200 yards and in true ‘Lassie’ fashion to flag down two searchers and led them back to the subject which was covered in a camo tarp,” the post read.

While the man received treatment for his “traumatic” injuries in the hospital, a nonprofit cared for the four-legged hero. According to KCRA, care staff rewarded Saul with plenty of treats, love and praise.

“Great work and skill by all involved today and for the Border Collie, he was transported back to Grass Valley and given a well-deserved dinner,” the Facebook post concluded.

Since then, the man has reunited with his real-life Lassie.