PHOTOS: Massive Hawk Gets Stuck on Grill of Car, Somehow Survives

by Jonathan Howard

When the outdoors meets horsepower – bad things can happen. This poor hawk got stuck into the grill of a car before being successfully rescued. Things like this can happen with smaller birds, most of the time. However, every now and then, a big one makes a dive at the highway. This hawk was on the wrong end of this equation, but thankfully, there’s a happy ending here.

Birds and cars don’t mix. Animals and cars don’t mix. It’s just something that will end up with damage to both the vehicle and the unfortunate creature involved. The wild thing about this story is how the hawk was stuck in the car. It was almost like the hawk was under the hood and trying to get out through the grill from inside.

Usually what you see is a big hole in the grill where the contact was made. This was like the animal was placed there in the grill like the medieval stocks.

The hawk likely came flying down at a fast speed and was jammed into the front of the vehicle. Luckily for the bird, the Fairfax County animal protection officer was there to help assist. The proper officials were called up and within a relatively short time, the hawk was freed.

“This morning, APPO McLemore was called to the area of I-66 and I-495 after a driver realized a hawk was caught in the grill of their car. APPO McLemore removed the hawk from the car and arranged for it to be cared for by a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center,” the police posted on Facebook.

When something like this happens, you almost always expect a bad result. This one was able to end with the hawk in the care center.

Hawk Claims Duck for Dinner

Raptors such as hawks and eagles are amazing predators. Their ability to find, lock on, and then attack prey makes them very successful at what they do, too. When those large talons get locked around an animal, it’s pretty much game over. From rodents to other birds, snakes, and all kinds of other critters – they can all get it. Each of them is on the menu on any given day.

In a video posted to Instagram, a hawk was holding a duck, proud of his catch. It isn’t every day you get something so delicious! This video in particular showed the unfortunate duck in the clasp of its killer. After a shriek from the hawk, it lets go for a brief moment when the duck escapes.

The freedom was only brief, though. With the duck weakened and worn out, the hawk was able to collect the duck once again. All in a day’s work for a predator.