Pit Bull Charges Bison Head-on, Gets Flipped Into the Air: WATCH

by Jonathan Howard

Dogs are our best friends, but they can get into some bad situations. Like this pit bull that just couldn’t stop from running at a bison. Things in the outdoors can get intense, but when our canine pals decide to do foolish things, what are we supposed to do? I guess in this case, film and hope for the best.

A video has been making the rounds on the internet of a pit bull taking on a bison. Of course, the bison won. The poor pup was tossed into the air and discarded. It does look like it was able to scurry away in the end, though.

Check it out below and see for yourself.

Now, I don’t know about you Outsiders, but I love a good pit bull. Those big heads and smiles are just too good not to love. However, they think they can take on the world and then some. This dog thought he had it all figured out and then he was sorely mistaken.

When you talk about karma, this is as instant as it gets. People just don’t know how to act around wildlife. When you have a pet, you should be even more careful than usual. Wildlife does not care about Buddy or Spot or Fido – whoever you have with you. Bison just see a pest or even worse, a threat and they react accordingly.

Whenever you’re at a national park or animal sanctuary make sure you pay attention to the rules and regulations around pets. This pit bull likely should have been on a leash or in a vehicle. Just like you wouldn’t want to go up and hit or get hit by a bison, don’t let your dog become a victim or a problem.

Bison Surprises Scout with His Snout

While bison are generally away from roads and cars, they can wander up to you as you pass by. One scout was going through a drive-thru zoo and thought he’d be seeing small deer. However, there were much larger animals walking around the zoo and one decided to get up close and personal with the visitors driving by.

When you go from feeding a small deer bread to having to give up your loaf to a bison, it can get a little scary. Those large creatures can decide to just flip your car on a whim. They don’t have to be nice, and a lot of times they aren’t. However, this time the scout was able to feed the beasts enough to get them to leave him alone and he drove away.

Bison are magnificent animals. They are America’s national mammal. While they have had their populations taken down to fractions of what they used to be, conservation efforts have done as much as they can to preserve the species. Think about visiting a conservation area and seeing these animals for yourself. You never know what might happen.