Police Shoot and Kill 15-Foot Snake As It Was Strangling Man

by Lauren Boisvert

A man in Upper Macungie Township, Pennsylvania, was rushed to the hospital after police responded to a call at his Fogelsville home. The 28-year-old man was in cardiac arrest with a 15-foot snake wrapped around his neck. It’s unknown if the snake was a pet or if it got into the man’s home somehow. Either way, police were able to shoot the snake in the head without causing further injury to the victim. They then uncoiled the snake from the man’s neck and rushed him to the hospital. His condition is currently unknown as well.

“Once the snake was injured from the gunshot, the officers were able to pull the male to safety, at which time emergency medical care was provided,” read a statement from Lehigh County police. “The victim in this case was transported to a local hospital for further treatment.”

Is this a case of a sneaky snake trying to snag a snack? Or is mishandling of a pet, grown too large? It’s hard to imagine having a 15-foot snake in your house at all times and being okay with it. But, some people are into that. Except, of course, when this happens. Here’s hoping the victim makes a speedy recovery.

Georgia Man Saves Whitetail Fawn from Strangling by Rat Snake

On what just happened to be World Snake Day, a man in Georgia was working on his house when he stumbled upon a rat snake trying to capture a rather large meal. The reptile had a whitetail fawn caught in a stranglehold. Athens, GA resident Mike Rupert thought the fawn was dead at first. But, then he saw it try and take a breath. He realized then that he had to spring into action to save the fawn.

Rupert slid a stick between the snake and the fawn’s body. He then realized the snake was wrapped around the fawn’s neck and chest. He pried the reptile away from the fawn, and the fawn stood up on shaky legs. “That was really the first time I think the snake even knew I was there,” Rupert recalled to the National Deer Association on social media, discussing the way he slid the stick between the two bodies.

“As I got that stick underneath him I realized the snake was not only wrapped around the fawn’s chest, but also the top of its neck,” Rupert continued. “When I got the stick in there the snake relaxed some and the fawn struggled to its feet. It was really wobbly at first, and it was then I realized the snake was also wrapped around the fawn’s legs. Finally the fawn—which was maybe two feet tall—got its feet free and then it really bounded off. It was anxious to get out of there.”

The fawn ran off, perfectly fine. Rupert even saw it in his yard for a few days after the incident. All in all, Rupert is sure there’s not going to be a run of snakes killing deer in Georgia any time soon.