Puppy Goes Into Full Guard Dog Mode to Protect Owner From Frog Statue in Hilarious Video

by Emily Morgan

When you think of your standard “guard dog,” you probably conjure up images of German Shepherds, Rottweilers, or Dobermans. However, you probably wouldn’t consider a poodle mix puppy to be in the same class.

In a now-viral clip, one dog owner reveals that you don’t need one of the breeds mentioned earlier to have a guard dog. Although, it may take some training. In the clip, the puppy has a hilarious reaction to a seemingly innocuous ornament.

Ruth Sherman Moore from Ocean Pines, Maryland, shared the cute video of her 6-month-old puppy. According to Moore, Uncle Nicky is a mixed breed, including part Poodle, Belgian Malinois, and German shepherd. Nicky is the puppy of one of Moore’s friend’s dogs and recently moved to a new home.

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs aged six to 12 months are well into their teenage, rebellious phase. “Dogs of this age start to test boundaries and many will try to assert themselves in the pack,” the AKC says.

With this, they will typically challenge their owners as well as any other pets in the home. In addition, the AKC says once dogs reach this age, they will begin to explore their surroundings. “Walks around the neighborhood become an adventure for him as he uses scent to learn about his environment,” says the AKC.

Puppy dog mistakes garden ornament for home invader

As for Nicky, exploring his new environment combined with asserting his new-found dominance have become new developments in his personality. This was clear to his owner when she found him barking at an outdoor frog ornament as if it were an intruder.

“This was the first time Nicky noticed the frog statue,” Moore said about her fur baby’s archnemesis. “It was only yesterday that he saw it, and we haven’t walked by that house yet, since. He also barked at a couple of scarecrows the day before, and the next day he ignored them.”

According to Moore, her adorable dog adores his owner, and Moore says he is typically “attached to me like Velcro and doesn’t like to be separated from me.”

She added: “He’s goofy and silly and makes me laugh a lot. He hates car rides, but he loves long walks sniffing everything along the way. One path we would take would take me 20 minutes to walk. It takes Nicky and me at least 40 minutes because of all the smells.”

In addition, Moore says that when Nicky isn’t inspecting his neighborhood and warning those around him of everything, Nicky loves his toys, playing fetch with a ball and getting his owner to chase him all over the house.

“He has a toy puppy that I bought him when he weighed only about 15 pounds,” said Moore. “He is now about 65 pounds. The puppy has a battery-operated heart inside that beats. He gets that puppy when he’s tired and sucks of its tail until he’s ready to sleep.”