Puppy Helplessly Ends Up With Snake Coiled Around Its Snout in Shocking Encounter: VIDEO

by Sean Griffin

In a recent unbelievable scene, a black lab dog walks back to its owner with a large snake coiled around its snout.

The video was posted to TikTok by account sdsnakeadventures2. The account is run by a California snake handler and currently has 53K followers. However, his bio claims that he once had 1 million followers before his account was banned. His page posts all kinds of snake-centric videos and shows off his impressive collection of rare species.

However, in this video, his other pet (his dog) got caught up with one of the snakes. While the owner never seemed incredibly terrified that it would be a deadly encounter, everyone in the scene showed urgency in removing the snake from the curious dog.

The account owner clarifies that both the dog and snake were fine after the encounter. In the video, as he’s holding the snake, he says: “you’ve got a slobbery dog bite. But it’s not too bad.”

One user commented that about not caring about the snake’s health. “Oh, I didn’t realize I was supposed to be worried about the snake. Here I was just worrying about the dog.”

Two commenters talked about the snake wrangler himself, saying he had a “calm voice” and that he seems like “the nicest person ever.”

Den of Snakes Found in Sinkhole in Yemen

The Well of Barhout in Al-Mahara, Yemen, is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Technically a sink hole, the massive “Well of Hell” wasn’t fully explored until a team of researchers from Oman became the first to land on the bottom in 2021, where they found tons of snakes and other discoveries.

The Well of Barhout contains a circular entrance that measures 100-ft. wide at the surface. The well measures a whopping 367 ft. deep.

The sinkhole passes through two huge layers of rock. The first layer is about 200-ft. thick. However, since the top layer is porous, it allows water to permeate and flow down into the sinkhole. It creates the four waterfalls located in the sinkhole. Each waterfall measures at least one hundred feet in height.

Locally, many residents believe it to be bad luck to even mention the Well of Barhout. According to local folklore, the cave was created as a prison for genies, or “jinn.” Other legends claim that the hole can “suck in” people who wander too close to it. Apparently, some locals even regard the area as the gates of hell. These local superstitions may have contributed to why the sinkhole wasn’t fully discovered and mapped until 2021.

Researchers believe the pit in the eastern province of Al-Mahra is aged at around millions of years old. However, once they were down there, researchers also found many dead animals—plenty of snakes.

“There were snakes, but they won’t bother you unless you bother them,” Mohammed al-Kindi, a geology professor at the German University of Technology in Oman, told a French media outlet at the time.