Raccoon Raids Nest, Fights Eaglet to the Death in Wild Nature Cam Footage

by Lauren Boisvert

In sad, gruesome wildlife news, a beloved eaglet is dead, and I just watched nature’s snuff film. On May 23 in Colorado, a raccoon climbed into a bald eagle nest and killed a six-week-old eaglet. The Xcel Energy Fort St. Vrain 24-hour live feed of the eagle nest caught the entire incident.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer Mike Grooms investigated the incident about 90 minutes after it happened. Additionally, CPW put out a statement as well. “The camera showed a raccoon scaling to the top of the nest tree and grabbing the older, larger of the two eaglets from the nest around 7 p.m.,” they said. “Wildlife officer Grooms was able to collect what remained from the carcass and delivered it to CPW’s Wildlife Health Lab, where officials will submit it for testing of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza.”

The eaglet was named FSV45 and it hatched on April 11. According to the Raptor Resource Project, which hosts the live streams, the other, smaller eaglet who witnessed the brutal attack hatched two days after. There was also a third egg that didn’t hatch at all.

The raccoon climbed up 57 feet above ground to reach the nest, which is almost 6 stories high. That takes some skill and dedication, but it seems like this raccoon may have been out for revenge. A few days prior, the live feed caught the mother eagle bringing a young raccoon to her nest to feed her eaglets. Is this a case of a grieving mother raccoon exacting her vengeance on those who have wronged her? Possibly. Seems like a lot to go through just for a snack is all I’m saying.

Man Mauled By Raccoon After Getting Too Close to Film Its Babies

In July, a raccoon mauled a man in Philadelphia after he got too close to film its “cute” babies. Now, I like raccoons as much as the next guy (which is a lot, I do actually like raccoons) but I know not to get up close and personal with one. No matter how “cute” they may be. Sure, they look like little bank robbers and they so adorably wash their hands before they eat, but they’re still very wild. And this man learned the hard way.

Benjamin McCool and his friends were walking through Philadelphia when they came upon a family of raccoons. The babies were scaling a fence upside down, maneuvering easily, as raccoons do. “They’re like acrobats,” said McCool, as the babies dropped to the ground and started to skitter away. The group was too focused on how cute the little babies were–“like little robbers,” someone said in the video–that they didn’t see the big mama raccoon slinking out of the shadows.

All of a sudden, she’s on McCool, sinking her teeth into his leg. He shouts, “It bit me!” a few times, and then the video cuts to McCool in the ER and paramedics tending to his leg. Let this be a cautionary tale: leave the wildlife alone, even if they’re super cute.