Ravenous Crocodile Takes on Five Lions for Waterbuck Kill: VIDEO

by Amy Myers

When a lion pride wandered away from their waterbuck kill at Kruger National Park, a crafty crocodile tried to take advantage of the free meal. However, once the gang of cats caught on to the croc’s plans, it became a vicious fight over a pile of scraps.

The incident occurred in a portion of the South African park called the Talamati Pride in Buffelshoek in the Sabi Sands area. Just a few hours before the clip, a pride consisting of five adult lionesses and nine cubs took down a waterbuck. After consuming most of their kill, the pride backed away and left the carcass about 100 meters from the nearby dam, according to the man behind the camera, Vernon Cresswell.

Cresswell (61) reported that his group had tracked down the lion pride and had watched them devour the antelope before a second predator arrived.

“A crocodile obviously sensed that there was a carcass nearby, so he left the water to investigate and maybe get an easy meal,” the visitor explained to LatestSightings.com.

“When the croc got onto land, it was only a few meters from the waters’ edge,” he continued. “Some of the younger lions (9 cubs) showed some interest and moved closer to see what this creature was up to. After a little while, some of the adult females (5 in total) noticed what was happening and came to the scene.”

Crocodile Quickly Learns Its Mistake, High-Tails It Back Into the Water

From what Cresswell observed, it seemed that the lions were testing the giant reptile’s abilities, deciding whether this was a threat or another prey. But the croc wasn’t backing down without a fight.

“Soon after this toying, the crocodile let off a massive snap as it clenched its jaw.  The croc snapped his jaws at the lions in an attempt to defend itself,” Cresswell said. “This caused the lions to launch a full-on mob at the crocodile.”

Unfortunately, the croc’s tenacity was no match for the size and power of the lion pride. Once the cats realized that this was a dangerous opponent, the adults wasted no time in declaring their dominance, thrashing and biting at the reptile until it had no other choice but to flee.

Though the lions won back their kill, the real victory went to the videographer and his gang.

“With the hippos snorting madly in the distance, we were amazed by the sighting, and we were excited to see how it would play out,” Cresswell recalled. “We’ve been going to the bush regularly for 30 years, and not once have we seen something like this. Always anticipate what can happen, and put yourself in the right place and just be patient. Nature usually pays off!”