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Real-Life Snakes on a Plane: Watch Massive Python Get Removed From Airplane Wing

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Neethika Sekar / EyeEm

Here’s a reason to pass on those airline tickets for your next trip and drive instead. Recently, airline officials were shocked when they discovered a giant python in the wing of a plane. In a terrifying Twitter video, viewers watch horrifyingly as a team of airport workers removes a massive snake from the wing on the runway.

As the video shows, the huge snake seems to be a python. Its size and patterns are consistent with the species. According to wildlife experts, pythons typically get reasonably large. In fact, some reticulated pythons grow as big as 33 feet in length. Although the python in the clip isn’t as big as some, it’s still not something you want to see on board a plane, or if ever.

Lucky enough for the airline employees working to remove the animal, pythons are non-venomous creatures despite their length. They should be thanking their lucky stars for this, considering the snake looked somewhat peeved for being disturbed from his slumber.

The previous incidents involving snakes on a plane

It’s also difficult to tell if the employees pried out the snake with the help of animal control professionals or if it was just the airport employees themselves. If so, they need to ask for a pay raise for having the handle the slithering reptile.

Of course, when we hear about something like this, it’s hard not to think of Samuel L. Jackson’s film Snakes on a Plane. However, off camera, it’s actually pretty rare for snakes to be found on planes. Yet it has happened before in some instances.

While it seems bizarre, the phenomenon of snakes on a plane isn’t as wild as one might think. For instance, quite a few of these reptiles have been found in airplanes in the past.

In addition, several years ago, in 2013, a snake also bummed a ride on a plane’s wing. While it was able to somehow hold on the entire time, it had died by the time the plane landed.

While the original Twitter clip doesn’t give specifics, it appears the snake was probably discovered before the plane took off. Users can also see that it’s covered in some type of greenery, meaning it may have just left home. Thankfully, it appears the snake and the airline employees were unharmed when it was all said and done.

Regardless, it’s a good thing for both the snake and the passengers that the employees found the creature before the plane jetted off. We all know plane rides can already come with a certain amount of anxiety for some, so it’s a good thing they caught the snake before things got any worse.