Red-Tailed Hawk Rips Prey’s Head Off Its Body in Gruesome Viral Video

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Tempau

It seems like everyday nature amazes us. In this instance, we were in awe as a red-tailed hawk chomped down on its snack. However, it seems its parents didn’t raise the hawk with proper manners regarding eating. Check out the wild video below.

In the gruesome clip, the creature removes and swallows his snack. However, before his picnic can continue, the red-tailed hawk must kill its prey. To do this, these birds of prey use their talons as a tool to put their victims into a “forever sleep.”

Once thought to be their primary method to go after their meals, the hawk’s talons are actually used less as an offensive weapon and more as a sort of cage, per All Out Birds. The talons prevent their prey from escaping while the bird uses its body weight to eventually kills its dinner.

For its larger victims, the hawks use their talons similarly, preventing escape while the beak goes to work brutally ripping the outer flesh to pieces to snack on the tasty organs. However, sometimes the prey is killed before this happens, and sometimes it isn’t.

Family nearly loses puppy to red-tailed hawk

Earlier this month, one puppy nearly became a red-tailed hawk’s tasty treat had it not been the dog’s vigilant owner. Per reports, a Missouri family’s Chihuahua puppy, twelve-week-old Lola, was outside in their front yard when a red-tailed hawk suddenly flew down and tried to snatch the dog with its talons.

“I didn’t even see it until it was right on top of her. That’s how fast it happened,” Kathryn Garver, Lola’s mom, said following the incident. “There was nothing I could’ve done to have stopped it. Because I didn’t see it until it was already, she would’ve already been gone.”

Thankfully, Garver was just a few feet away from her fur baby at the time. She saw the bird try to grab her four-pound puppy and raced to rescue her pet.

“It felt like he was right there and just, it was so fast,” she said about the scary moment. “It just happened so fast, and I honestly thought he had gotten her.”

Thankfully, the hawk missed out on its chance to take the puppy. “I’m chasing her because she’s freaking out and so I grab her, and that’s whenever I see that he’s still in the tree,” Garver said.

According to the Wildlife Center of Texas, attacks by these birds of prey are fairly rare. However, they advise owners not to leave their pets outside alone, especially if they’re small.

“It’s a possibility that the hawk could’ve grabbed the dog and could’ve done some damage, possibly even killed the dog, but this is a very rare occurrence for hawks,” said Brooke Yahney with the Wildlife Center of Texas.