Road Rage: Furious Driver Goes Off on Horse Rider for Jamming Up Road

by Sean Griffin

You wouldn’t think much confrontation would occur in a small Welsh village of fewer than 900 inhabitants. However, in this recent viral encounter in Peterson-super-Elly, a village near the town of Cardiff, a horse rider is confronted by a road-raged motorist for “slowing him down.”

In the intense confrontation, the man calls the rider a “middle class t–t” and addressed her riding companion as “Miss HRT Karen.”

Footage of the intense road rage altercation can be viewed here.

The incident occurred along a trail in Peterson-super-Elly. The rider and her companion ride at the spot “couple of times a week.”

“This car came towards us so we asked him to slow down,” one of the equestrians told WalesOnline. “Drivers hate horses on the road, but we were in the middle of the countryside,” they told the outlet.

The exchange quickly became heated in a matter of moments. One of the riders claimed the driver “nearly killed” them; however, he is heard saying that he “didn’t come anywhere near” the horses.

“Keep filming me by all means,” the man says in a sarcastic tone. “Make sure you put it on YouTube or wherever you’ll put it.”

Then, the man becomes further irate and slings profane insults at the riders. He calls one rider a foul name, and she responds by calling him a psycho.

The driver also tells the rider that she was “talking like you’ve got b—-cks in your mouth.” He then claims he didn’t need to slow down for horses by law.

“It’s a courtesy that people slow down for horses,” he claimed. “It doesn’t matter anyway as I didn’t see you coming.”

Intense Road-Rage Confrontation with Horse Riders and Motorist Filmed in Wales

Despite how assured the man seemed to be of himself, he was sorely mistaken about policy on motorists and horses.

According to WalesOnline, Point 215 of the UK Highway Code proves him wrong. This ordinance specifically instructs motorists to slow down “to a maximum of 10 mph” when they spot a horse on the road.

The video ends with the riders and the driver parting ways, luckily without any physical incident. The rider who filmed the confrontation said she initially thought the encounter was funny. However, she later told the news outlet that she felt “intimidated” by the man.

Plenty of people took to Twitter to react to the viral post. “The horse should have kicked out the guys windshield,” one user wrote.

“Reminds me of the movie Hooper with Burt Reynolds,” another person wrote, an action-comedy film from the 1970s.

One person questioned some of the vocabulary the man was using. “‘Trotter toot’?” one user wrote.

Regardless, we’re just happy the riders escaped the road-rage incident unscathed.