Sea Lion Plays Fetch With Dog at the Beach in Wholesome Clip

by Lauren Boisvert

Sea lions are a lot like dogs, in a way: they’re curious, playful, and occasionally they bark. They’re like water dogs, somewhat. But, this sea lion took those similarities to the next level when it joined a chocolate lab in the water for a game of fetch.

Dave Nelson posted a video of himself playing fetch with his dog at a beach near Santa Cruz, California. As his dog, Moe, dances around his feet impatiently, waiting for the ball, there’s a curious friend watching from the shallows.

“He’s very curious,” Nelson says of the sea lion in the video. The sea lion swims closer to the shore, waiting for the ball with as much anticipation as Moe. Nelson throws the ball, and both the sea lion and Moe go tearing off into the ocean after it. The slippery mammal makes neat arcs in the water as it swims and jumps.

It’s a close contest, but Moe gets the ball first. She ran down the beach and snatched it up just in time, the sea lion hot on her heels. “She’s pretty quick,” Nelson said of Moe. It’s amazing that a dog could outswim the sleek marine mammal, and in the video, it almost seems like the sea lion is going to get there first. But Moe is just too fast.

“At one point Moe actually dropped her ball and waded out and they went nose to nose for a second – it was so cute!” said Nelson. “Moe smelled him and he gave a little loving bark and that’s why I pulled my phone out [to capture video footage] because they were totally playing.”

According to Nelson, Moe, short for Mokuleia, puts off some super chill vibes. The sea lion must have picked up what Moe was putting down because it looks like the two became fast friends.

Sea Lions Chase Away California Beachgoers for Best Spot On the Beach

Back in July, a few sea lions on a California beach got a little territorial for the prime spot. At La Jolla Cove, residents and visitors had to vacate one area of the beach immediately or face the wrath of the sea lions. Now, while they’re like the dogs of the ocean, they can get territorial and aggressive if they sense there’s a threat. It seems like these two felt the beachgoers were encroaching too far onto their section of the beach.

The accompanying TikTok, taken by someone watching from a safe distance, is admittedly hilarious. Especially paired with the song “Low” by Flo-Rida remixed into a classic Beach Boys sound. The mammals literally terrorized this beach, chasing beachgoers away from their spot. And they should, too; La Jolla Cove is actually not supposed to be used for regular beachgoing. It’s a protected area of a marine preserve, and its primary use is for marine life. Seems like those sea lions were just reminding everyone what the beach is really for.