Shark Strapped With GPS Swims in Shape of a Shark: PHOTO

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

When an organization strapped a GPS to a great white shark, they were not expecting the great white to swim a self-portrait. However, that’s exactly what it did.

The 13-foot great white, named Breton, was tagged in 2020 by a charity named OCEARCH. Breton swam along the east coast of the United States.

According to NDTV, “Whenever Breton surfaces for a long enough period of time, the tag that has been fitted in its dorsal fin transmits a GPS location to shark trackers at the science organization.”

Breton was tracked for 444 days. In a strange turn of events, his swimming patterns revealed the shape of a shark. Seriously.

The photo clearly shows each pinpoint connected by lines, and a portrait of a shark is right there.

Great White Follows Kayaker

In a less-amusing video, a great white shark tails a kayaker off the coast in northern California.

“That’s a huge great white shark, oh my god,” the freaked-out man says in the video. “That’s a huge, huge great white shark. Oh my god, that’s the size of my kayak.

The video was shared to Fisherman’s Chronicles’ YouTube channel. The description reads: “One of the most incredible and certainly humbling experiences in my time fishing. Great white shark circled my kayak for a couple of minutes and gracefully swam off in search of something tastier. I was lucky enough to film this shark from many different angles, including underwater. Below are the links to those videos.”

Although the clip is only just under two minutes long, it feels much longer due to the stressful situation. Many in the comments of the YouTube video seem to agree.

One commenter made a Jaws reference, writing: “Now there’s really a ‘You’re gonna need a bigger boat’ moment.” Another said: “I would actually be freaking out, this is insane – awesome encounter though, glad it was just calm and curious!”

Shark Attack Leads to Second Fatality in South Africa Town

Earlier this morning (Sunday, September 25) a 39-year-old woman was killed by a shark. The beaches around Plettenberg Bay were shut down by officials following the deadly attack.

The woman was out for an early morning swim when a shark latched onto her and dragged her underwater in front of other swimmers.

There was a similar incident back in June when swimmer Bruce Wolov was attacked and killed while swimming at Sanctuary Beach.

The area had not had a fatal shark attacked reported until 2011. Now, the other 2 of the 3 total attacks have happened only months apart this year.

Bitou Municipality Mayor David Swart said: “While Plettenberg Bay is renowned for its natural beauty, both on land and in the sea, we need to constantly remind ourselves that we are visitors in nature and need to exercise caution when out in the natural environment. We urge all participants in water activities at sea to exercise caution, be aware of their surroundings and to heed any warnings from anyone in a position of authority.”