SHOT Show 2021: 5 Cool Products We Want

by Chris Haney

The annual National Shooting Sports Foundation SHOT Show transitioned to an online virtual event this year. The show’s normal, in-person format was canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in the state of Nevada. For most regular visitors and exhibitors, it was very disappointing to not be able to attend an in-person show, but that does not mean that companies took a break this year from announcing some pretty cool products.

Without being able to check out some of the newest products in person at the trade show, it can be a difficult task to get a close enough look at these new products to decide whether you want to buy. So we at Outsider have taken it upon ourselves to do the heavy lifting for you. Here’s what we think are 5 of the coolest products to be released or be announced this year in the firearms and outdoor world.

#1 – Trijicon RMRcc Red Dot Sight

The first new gadget that caught our eye is the Trijicon RMRcc Red Dot Sight. This new pistol sight was specifically designed to fit your concealed carry needs and save you seconds when seconds matter. With a thinner, lower profile design it reduces the risk of snagging clothing for a faster and easier draw from wherever you carry.

With a lower profile you might be wondering what features Trijicon gave up for that design. Well, they didn’t skimp on anything. It still has easy-to-use buttons, a crisp 3.25 or 6.5 MOA Dot, and a 4-year battery life. Additionally, it has the ability for you to choose between a specific brightness or an auto brightness setting. This new sight by Trijicon may be little, but there is nothing small about the features it’s packed with. This is an ideal sight for a small-frame pistol. However, one disadvantage to this sight is the proprietary mounting system. You cannot use this sight on slide frames that have been milled for other compact sights. But Trijicon is a clear leader when it comes to optics of this type, so look for more announcements soon with pistols that come “optics-ready” for the RMRcc, or even include it, like the Ed Brown FX2 1911.

You can find more specs and links to purchase this product HERE.

#2 – Swarovski Optik EL RANGE TA Binoculars & DS 5-25X52 P GEN. II Rifle Scope

Swarovski Optik is no stranger to being an industry leader in manufacturing premium glass and bringing new technology to the field. So it was no surprise when they dropped their new DS 5-25X52 P GEN. II rifle scope and EL RANGE TA binoculars, which bring a whole new level of technology to hunters.

The EL RANGE has been available since 2011, but it now comes with a Tracking Assistant (TA). The feature combines SWAROVISION technology with their smartphone app. The bino’s themselves have an integrated tilt indicator with an angle shot program that displays either the adjusted shooting distance or the angle.

With Swarovski’s smartphone app you can enter your specific ballistic data. It will calculate the atmospheric data on its own, and with all that it helps you make that perfect shot placement. The TA also helps you track your game by guiding you to where you fired your last shot with the help of the app.

In addition, the DS 5-25X52 P GEN. II rifle scope also utilizes some impressive new technology. It has a device that calculates the correct aiming point with the touch of a button. The scope calculates the distance, air pressure, temperature, angle, magnification and your ballistics data. It pretty much does everything for you besides pulling the trigger. So no excuses now “Karl.”

You can find more specs and links to purchase these products HERE (Binoculars) and HERE (Scope).

#3 – Kodiak Battery Powered Heating Blanket

Ever get cold while camping or hunting? Well, duh… does a bear sh… walk in the woods? This brings us to our next product: the Kodiak Battery Powered Heating Blanket.

It is completely portable, rechargeable, cordless, and the company claims it has 5+ hours of toasty heat at your beck and call. The outside of the blanket is weatherproof while the inside is lined with a soft micro-fleece. Sounds like the perfect option to take next time to a cold duck blind or a winter camping trip. The blankets are launching later this year in 2021.

You can find more specs and links to purchase this product HERE.

#4 – Magpul Industries x ZevTech’s FDP and FDC9 (Briefcase Gun)

One of the best parts about SHOT Show is the anticipation of really cool and ridiculous products that are released. We have found exactly that, and it fits into both the Folding Defense Pistol (FDC) and Folding Defense Carbine (FDP) categories.

About 10 years ago, the FMG 9 caused a stir in the firearms community and was never actually put into production. BUT NOW a collaboration between Magpul Industries and ZevTech has blossomed into the real possibility of the actual production of the FDP and FDC9 in 2022.

Both reportedly will be chambered in 9 x 19 mm and will feed via 9mm Glock mags. Lets keep our fingers crossed that this actually makes it into production because who doesn’t want a folding briefcase gun to add to their collection?!

You can find more specs and links to purchase this product HERE.

#5 – Strikeman Laser Firearm Training System

This past year has brought on one of the worst ammo droughts in recent history and with no end in sight. Despite all the ammo chanting and rain dancing to help it come to an end, it felt appropriate to include a product that gives a little relief to our suffering.

The Strikeman Laser Firearm Training System allows you to practice your shooting without spending all your ammo. In addition, it reduces the need of range time and therefore saves the consumer money. It also tracks your dry firing progress with its app. To get it up and running you first download the app to your smartphone. It comes with a phone holder, target, and you pick out the laser cartridge caliber you want to train with.

We know that many of you are concerned about your firing pin when it comes to dry fire training. But no worries because the laser cartridge has a small piece of rubber on the back that protects your pin. New for 2021, Strikeman has updated their app to give the user a smoother experience. Users no longer need to calibrate the app between sessions, there’s more in-depth data collected from all your shots to track progress, and it reads your shot better in different lighting conditions. All around this is a great option to get more out of your dry fire training and help you save your ammo.

You can find more specs and links to purchase this product HERE.