Ski Resort Captures Awesome Video of Moose on Snow Cam: VIDEO

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: tulissidesign

Ski season may not be officially open yet, but that hasn’t stopped a couple of brazen moose from hitting the slopes. The Snowbasin Ski Resort in Utah recently received a couple of early-season snow storms that blanketed the mountain with fresh snow and powder.

As a result, residents all over the state ran to ski resorts’ websites across the region to get a live look at the fresh powder on the ground. However, they got a major surprise once they pulled up the cameras. What viewers saw were two local moose crashing the party. Check out the clip here.

Utah moose invade woman’s backyard

At the same time, a Park City woman was at a loss for words when she saw a baby moose hanging out in her backyard. After the incident, Michelle Koskovich posted a video of a baby moose playing with her backyard swing. As it turns out, the moose galavanting her yard was a male moose— which can be aggressive and unpredictable, according to wildlife experts.

“Males can be more aggressive during the breeding season which is around this time of year,” said DWR public information officer Faith Heaton Jolley. She added, “Females can be more aggressive when they’re having their babies or if they have a baby calf with them and so that’s something to be aware of.”

In addition, Jolley says they’re more likely to head into towns, which results in more moose-human incidents. The state’s DWR also said the recent heavy snow brought down big game animals like moose, deer and even cougars into cities looking for food.

Wildlife Expert weighs in on moose behavior

“Moose in particular, if they’re not relocated out of an area they can often stay there for a long time,” Jolley said.

According to the agency, you don’t need to alert them for deer or cougars unless the cougar attacks an animal in your area. However, they say you shouldn’t hesitate to call if you see a moose in your neighborhood.

“Sometimes [it may] potentially lead to them injuring someone else and damaging property. We’ve had instances, especially in Park City, where they’ve scraped up vehicles and things like that,” Jolley said.

Generally, wildlife experts say the best thing you can do is to stay a safe distance away, especially when it comes to moose. According to the agency, these animals are easily scared and become aggressive around pets, so at all costs, avoid feeding them or herding them both for your safety and theirs.

“Looking at your yard and seeing if there’s anything enticing to provide either food or shelter for wildlife and trying to eliminate those things so you’re not unknowingly drawing them to your yard is a good idea,” Jolley said.