Ski Resort Employee Captures ‘Weird’ Bear Fight From Chair Lift in Intense Clip

by Emily Morgan

A ski resort employee had to pick his jaw up off the floor after he saw two bears going at one another. According to the British Columbia man, he sees black bears every day while on the job. However, this time was different. Last week, one bear fight caused him to whip out his phone so that he could get it on film.

While Chris Sroka was on a chair lift at the Whistler Mountain Bike Park, he saw a pair of black bears exhibiting odd behavior.

In the video, viewers see a large black bear chasing another black bear before the other leaps over the edge of a dirt bike path. The bears battle it out for a few more seconds before finally taking a break.

@_sro Mountain bikers need to chill out. There’s no need for violence. #whistler ♬ som original – Apollo 🇧🇷

“I don’t know how to describe it. It was just a weird bear scenario when you’ve seen them so much,” Sroka said after the video went viral.

The clip he posted to his TikTok account has reached over 400K views and has garnered over 23K likes.

In addition, he also posted the video to Instagram, and according to Sroka, those views are “climbing like crazy,” with nearly a million views to date.

“It’s funny. It’s just most people […] no one’s really seen that type of footage, especially in the open in Whistler,” he said. “I think that’s why people are like, ‘wow it’s pretty interesting to see that.'”

Sroka, a marketing manager at Whistler Blackcomb, says he comes across black bears so frequently at his workplace that he rarely takes the time to film the encounters anymore.

Ski resort employee praised for perfect timing as he captured viral bear fight

“They just kind of do their own thing and as long as you don’t get in between them and their cubs, there’s not really a real danger,” he added.

According to Sroka, he typically sees momma bears and cubs or a single bear, but never two adult bears together, as viewers saw in the video.

“We see bears all the time. I’ve just never seen them fight or run after each other,” he said. “They just bolted, both just sprinted and I’ve never seen a bear sprint before. As soon as that happened I was like oh, something’s gonna happen,” he explained.

After an animal expert saw the clip, they speculated that the bears possibly had a conflict but said it’s “hard to know definitively.”

“Bears, like many other animals, have conflicts with each other and may challenge each other over use of space, or it could be a female protecting her offspring,” Vanessa Isnardy, project manager with WildSafeBC, said.

After he posted the video to TikTok, many users praised Sroka for his timing. “Never seen that before,” one person wrote. “What a video. Great timing,” wrote someone else.