Skunk Charges Lurking Coyote, Sends It Running With Tail Tucked

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by: Philippe Clément/Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

A reporter from New Westminster, a Canadian city in British Columbia, filmed an encounter between a coyote and a skunk in Friday’s early morning hours.

In Moody Park, the city holds an array of urban wildlife. This showdown between the skunk and coyote was filmed on an iPhone camera.

“At about 5:30 a.m. on Friday morning, I spotted a skunk ambling around a park bench in the glow of one of the uptown park’s lampposts,” New Westminster Record writer Cornelia Naylor wrote.

She figured she would video that, thinking it was a cute scene. However, things quickly changed.

“After I started the video rolling, though, the plot thickened,” she wrote. “I saw a coyote slinking around a large tree right across the path from the skunk.”

She said the coyote then laid down beside the tree and sized up the skunk, bumbling around the park. Then, it trotted over to get a closer look.

“But the skunk was having none of it,” Naylor said.

The skunk then raised and stiffened its tail. Then, it charged the coyote, sending it backward several times with its tail between its legs.

After the canine trots away, the skunk walks back into the dark wilderness of the park, and the video ends.

The video of the crazy encounter can be seen here.

Trail Cam Captures Mountain Lion Sneaking Up on Coyote Under the Cover of Darkness

Coyotes are typically sneaky and alert, but this one didn’t live up to that billing. A trail camera captures the moment a mountain lion spots it in the Orange County, California nighttime wilderness.

In the footage, we see a coyote trot along a path at night. A few moments later, after the coyote has passed out of view, a large mountain lion pounces on the trail and follows the coyote up the trail. For a few seconds, you can’t hear or see any action onscreen. Then, the coyote starts making panicked noises in the distance.

Photographer Nathalie Orozco captured the video on Sept. 27 in an undisclosed area of Orange County. This is according to Mark Girardeau of Orange County Outdoors, who told McClatchy News in an email.

The video can be seen here or below.

However, we still aren’t exactly sure whether the coyote got away.

“After checking the area, we noticed lots of coyote fur but did not locate a kill so we’re uncertain of the outcome,” an October 5th Facebook post read. “Our guess is that the mountain lion was successful based on other nearby cameras which showed him hanging out in the area for the entire night afterwards.”

The post continued: “A coyote can outrun a mountain lion (given proper notice) but mountain lions are ambush specialists.”

While mountain lions normally eat small and mid-size animals, they are known to attack and kill coyotes every now and then.