WATCH: Bull Elk Charges Truck at Yellowstone National Park

by Joe Rutland

People driving through Yellowstone National Park were looking to get some close-up views of some bull elk at this location. Yeah, well maybe they would think twice about it. In this viral video, you can tell that the bull elk were in no mood to have cars around. You can hear them call out and it’s quite an interesting sound. Bull elk were making it clear to drivers that they didn’t want them there.

In this video, you can see one of them take a run at cars with their antlers. Those antlers would slam into a couple of cars and probably dent them. Maybe that was not something the drivers thought would happen. You know, just drive through Yellowstone and get up close and personal with some animals.

That sounds reasonable, right? Meh, not so fast on that thought. Bull elk were the ones running the show on this day back in 2012. In fact, this 2012 video from Paul Chalfant shows some of the dangers of getting too close. As Chalfant wrote in the caption area of the video, “During the autumn rut, bull elk become very unpredictable and easily agitated. This video demonstrates why it is not wise to stop too close to elk even if you stay in your vehicle.” Well, let’s take look at this video and see what is happening here.

Bull Elk Slams Into Truck In Colorado

Meanwhile, here is more elk news to quench your thirst. A bull elk actually stopped traffic in Estes Park, Colorado, when it charged a truck from Colorado. Let’s get some details about this situation right here. So, reportedly a 12-point bull happened to cross one lane of traffic. At some point, the bull elk was figuring out in which direction he should go now. OK, well, a blue GMC Sierra truck attempted to pass. That’s not a good move to do. Once the bull took its attention and focused on the truck, the elk’s rack of antlers was reportedly angled right at the passenger door and window. We guess the bull elk was sending a message to the driver. Like, the elk wanted it made really clear that he was in charge of the activity. It’s quite an interesting video to see.

Now that we have this scene, let’s ask you a question. Have you ever wanted to pet a bull elk? What about two of them? Apparently, one driver got the itch to scratch them, if you will, under their mouths. A motorist stuck out their hand and petted two of them as snow fell. Thankfully, this person decided to have the good sense to stay in their car. And, this video ended quite peacefully without the drama of some of these videos.