WATCH: Bull Elk Faceplants Trying to Jump a Fence While Pursuing a Female

by Megan Molseed

A recent viral video shows the hilarious moment an excited bull elk is too focused on a potentially amorous moment as he hops across fields and (barely) over fences while chasing down a female elk.

It looks like this big guy had his eye on only one thing when he was leaping over fences in pursuit of a female cow elk. And his distraction led to a little accident as the elk hilariously faceplants while trying to clear a fence jump on his way across a gravel road. Check out the video below.

It was a pretty nasty tumble, too, as the animal falls snout first into the dirt as he just misses clearing the fence along a gravel road. He continues his fall as he flips onto his back. It all happened so fast, it’s easy to see the mighty animal is a little dazed at first.

However, this wasn’t going to deter the strong-willed bull elk. He slides a bit, all four hoofs in the air before flipping himself right-side-up and continuing on his journey. However, this bull elk is facing another daring leap as he heads towards the field on the other side of the gravel road. Thankfully, this elk is able to clear this jump just fine. However, he definitely slowed down his gait a bit as he approached this jump!

Watch The Picturesque Moment When A Canadian Bull Elk Walks Under A Rainbow In Breathtaking Video

This eager bull elk may be tripping over himself to reach a female across the field. However, another bull elk recently went full-on graceful while he took a stroll in Canada’s Jasper National Park in Alberta.

It was a breathtaking image that likely doesn’t occur too often. Too many things need to fall into place, the elk needs to be positioned just right as they stroll the water’s edge, the rainbow needs to be decorating the sky, and – of course – someone needs to be there to capture the moment.

Thankfully, all of these converged into one perfect moment recently as one Twitter user was able to capture an unbelievable video. Thankfully, they were happy to share it with the rest of us in an astounding Twitter post.

The video depicts a majestic elk as he slowly walks along a shallow Canadian shoreline. A stunning rainbow decorates the sky just ahead, seemingly landing in the water in the distance. As the video continues, it seems as if this bull elk is heading straight for this breathtaking rainbow. Just beyond the horizon, a group of majestic mountains can be seen peaking out from behind the fog.