Snake and Huge Lizard Have Grotesque Game of Tug-of-War Over a Gecko: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Nature is as discomforting as it is beautiful and a viral video of a warring snake and lizard proves that. The below clip sees the moment a bright green bush snake and a huge agama lizard go head to head over lunch—a gecko—in a grotesque game of tug-of-war.

The video sees the two reptiles clinging to the side of a rockface. The snake seems to have the gecko’s head in its mouth and the agama lizard with its tail. They circle each other, looking for an advantage, however, the video ends before we know who really took home lunch.

Still, viewers, arguing the opponents’ advantages, shared their thoughts on who actually won.

“Oof, bad day to be a gecko,” one viewer wrote. “Thinking the agama won with that leg advantage for grip and shake.”

Another quipped, “Gecko be like: can I die already good sirs?”

One other viewer joked, “The good news is…you can still save 15% or more on auto insurance by switching to Geico.”

Hopefully, the gecko’s fate was quickly decided shortly after the video ended. We couldn’t think of a more medieval way to die than literally being stretched to death.

Snake Swallows Smaller Snake Whole Then Retreats

In the wild, the motto is typically survival of the fittest, however, the above video alongside another of a snake devouring another snake proves that, even more often, it’s the survival of the biggest.

A clip shared on the popular Instagram page Nature Is Metal shows the moment a black racer snake picks up a much smaller snake and makes it its lunch. The larger reptile grabs the little one by the middle, who desperately makes an attempt to escape by latching onto the larger predator’s snout with its own tiny fangs. Sadly, it doesn’t do anything but anger the black racer, who then folds the tiny creature in half, reducing “consumption time by 50%.”

Not long after the video starts does the larger reptile make the smaller one almost entirely disappear. Realizing he’s being filmed, the racer zips off into the woods, the tiny snake’s tail dangling from its mouth.

Christopher Gilette, a wildlife biologist and conservationist recognized as a public figure on Instagram, shared insight into the unusual encounter.

“Also a case of cannibalism,” he revealed, “the smaller snake is a juvenile racer. They undergo ontogenetic melanization. Juveniles are patterned and mimick a pygmy rattlesnake, and as they age they become solid black.”

Another viewer more directly commented on the snake-eat-snake scene in the video.

“I hate when my food bites my face,” they joked, referencing the juvenile snake’s desperate attempt to escape.