Snake, Mice Fall From Ceiling at Kentucky High School

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Have you heard the stories about the baby rat snake and mice falling from a ceiling at a Kentucky high school? This might be one for the books. And we don’t mean school books, either. More like the record books. We get more information from this report by the Lexington Herald-Leader. Nathan Spalding, who is an English teacher at Henry Clay High School, had an interesting thing happen on Wednesday morning.

Spalding happened to just notice “what looked like a scrunchie on the phone.” Well, friends, that was no scrunchie at all. “I got closer and realized it was a snake,” he said. Infestations at Lexington’s Henry Clay High School have included mice, roaches, and spiders. Apparently, there is an animal problem at the school. Spalding, in an interview with the outlet, said that a mouse fell from the ceiling in another classroom during a class.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Officials Identify Snake

“It landed on a student’s desk and caused quite a commotion,” Spalding said. In yet another report, a co-worker had three mice fall from her ceiling during the school year. This happened, though, without students present. Spalding would add that the “custodians have been using glue traps to catch them. However, some mice will chew off their limbs to escape the glue.”

Reportedly, district officials were not offering comments after getting both a text and email from the outlet. What they did do, though, was to offer a letter that Paul Little, principal at Henry Clay, sent to families. It was in response to “a social media post circulating this week, claiming that our school’s health and safety was at risk due to unwanted pests inhabiting our building.”

Little would say that the health and safety of both students and staff is a top priority. “Our school leaders are working alongside the Fayette County Public Schools operations and maintenance teams to address these concerns,” he wrote. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife staff members, Spalding said, saw a photo of the snake. They identified it as a baby rat snake. The teacher added that a gap in the ceiling tiles allowed this snake to fall on through. Meanwhile, a custodian did get rid of the snake by using some tongs and taking it outside.

Well, Spalding also had a little more mouse news to share. This is no mickey mouse type of situation, either. It’s very serious. He said, “We also had a mouse run through the cafeteria during our Back to School faculty meeting.” Jeni Ward, another teacher at Henry Clay, said she’s had mice run through her classroom, too. She would like to see district officials hustle a little bit more.