Snake Wrangler Finds Rattlesnake Stuck in Planter with Head and Tail Poking Out: WATCH

by Amy Myers

A professional snake catcher knew he would find a rattlesnake lurking in a California resident’s garden, but what he didn’t expect was to find a planter pot with a rattling tail sticking out of the side.

So-Cal Rattlesnake Removal regularly records its snake-catching calls, demonstrating the odd places where these “buzz butts” find themselves while searching for shade or water. Often, these creatures wedge themselves around rocks and concrete surrounding the person’s home. So, when owner Alex Trejo found a rattlesnake with both its head and tail trapped in a clay pot, it was definitely a surprise.

According to Trejo, “The only reason I found [the pot] because the pot was rattling.”

The poor creature really had itself in a tough spot. On the bottom of the pot, the rattlesnake managed to get its head through a hole but couldn’t seem to wiggle its way out. Scared and likely dehydrated, all the snake could do was rattle its tail until, thankfully, Trejo and his crew arrived.

Take a look.

With a little encouragement from a snake hook, the rattler finally freed itself from the pot. However, once on the ground, the rattlesnake began to coil back into its striking pose, staring down Trejo all the while. But as a reptile professional, the snake wrangler easily scooped up the animal with his tongs and likely placed him in a bucket where the team could then transport it to a more natural dwelling near water.

Recently, California has been experiencing some pretty rough drought conditions, and as a result, wildlife of all types has been on the hunt for water sources.

“With this hot weather snakes are on the look out for water, so please be extra cautious,” Trejo warned in his post.

Rattlesnake Catcher Also Snatches Two Mating Reptiles Behind Bush

This isn’t the only strange call that the snake handler responded to recently. In a separate incident, Trejo and the So-Cal Rattlesnake Removal crew arrived at a residence where two rattlers were in the midst of mating behind a shady bush.

“Two rattlesnakes mating! First time being called out for something like this! What an extraordinary sight to see,” Trejo shared in the caption of the video.

Once the lovers spotted Trejo and his team, they began to rattle their tails. But Trejo once again was able to calmly and gently untangle the pair and place them into a bucket where they could get back to business.

According to the snake wrangler, it’s mating season for rattlesnakes. This paired with the fact that there are fewer available water sources means that Californians may see more rattlers around their properties than usual. Of course, as long as Trejo is still in business, they won’t have much to worry about.