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WATCH: Snowmobiler Narrowly Dodges Moose Attack in Idaho

by Brett Stayton
Cow Moose In The Snow
Photo by Carol Falcetta/Getty Images

A snowmobiler in Idaho showed off some impressive agility as he narrowly sidestepped a charging moose just before he got his world rocked. The man was ripping up the trails with his brother when the roughly 1,000-pound moose show up on the scene. The video shows the moose stampeding toward giving the guy a real bad. Just before disaster strikes, he takes a dive off the snow machine, and the moose slams into it and topples onto the ground.

The two brothers are named Josiah and Jeremiah Bigelow. What started as a regular adventure quickly turned into a newsworthy viral moment. Josiah was the one who had the close call with the moose. “I didn’t have time to think. I just reacted,” he said. Jeremiah added, “‘Josiah got ahead of us and then the moose stepped into the path… she had her head down, ears back, and looked very angry.” Daily Mail UK shared the story with more detail and a sequence of photos.

As for what caused the moose to go after the man, it can’t be determined for sure. However, as the article explains that moose respond negatively to people making themselves large. They advise slowly backing away. Moose are not naturally aggressive animals but are territorial and can become angered when harassed or intimidated by people, dogs, and traffic, or when hungry and tired. They tend to be more prone to aggression during their mating season in late September and October, but also in adverse weather conditions when forced to walk through the cold and snow. Experts advise being patient with moose, even if it takes half an hour. A loud noise may move the animal but those that are used to people are not easily chased away. 

Snowmobiler Trys To Pet Moose And Gets Absolutely Stomped

That situation could have been way worse as evident by this other video involving a snowmobiler and a moose. With that in mind, this snowmobiler’s actions are ill-advised, to say the least. While traveling along a trail with a group, the snowmobiler spotted a wild moose on the trail. Instead of passing by quickly, giving the animal as much space as possible, he stopped the vehicle, hopping off to approach it on foot. Then he got his world rocked for being an absolute idiot.

Stranded Snowmobilers Rescued After Being Stuck Overnight

A pair of snowmobilers in Summit County Utah were rescued after they got off track and got stranded overnight in an intense winter storm. The two men in their thirties got stuck in the High Uintas Wilderness Area near Fish Lake. They got stuck up in the mountains for a while after apparently running out of gas. All things considered, the situation could have been much worse and the two men are lucky to have survived the harrowing experience. 

The two snowmobilers first reached out to Search and Rescue crews at around 3:30 in the morning. However, initial attempts to locate them were not successful due to the treacherous weather. It wasn’t until 9:30 in the morning that rescuers were able to finally find them. According to Fox 13 News in Salt Lake City, the experienced snowmobilers were prepared for the situation. Officials say they were prepared to wait out the storm for the night. They built a snow cave for shelter and started a fire. They also packed food, an avalanche bag, boots, and shovels. Although they had no cell service, they could send and receive signals with their emergency communication device to their location.