Social Media Baffled by Video of Sea Creature Filmed ‘Grunting’ Off the Florida Coast

by Shelby Scott

A couple visiting a city park in Edgewater, Florida were surprised, and a little frightened, to see a mysterious sea creature rolling through nearby waters and “grunting” as it passed. The viral video, which you can view below, has racked up tens of thousands of views and while plenty of people have offered their varying opinions on what exactly the couple saw, a definite conclusion has not yet been reached.

According to The State, the sleek creature roiling its way through the water measured around 15 feet in length. Per the outlet, the video was captured by Joe Tiller while out on the water with his wife April on September 9th. The Florida couple had been enjoying time together on the India River North at Menard-May Park when the strange encounter occurred.

At first, Tiller thought he and his wife had seen a “very big” manatee.

“In these waters, it’s not very uncommon to see them,” Tiller said. However, “This one looked very different! It had huge muscles like shoulders on a bull! It was as if it was rolling its shoulders like a bear underwater! We did not see any fur, or head, or hands or feet.”

The sighting was especially remarkable for Tiller and his wife as the boat maker had lived in the area for five years and had never seen a sea creature so strange. Estimating the strange beast to be between 12 and 15 feet long, he said the animal was “grunting” as it passed.

Viewers Debate What Kind of Sea Creature Tiller Actually Saw

Like Tiller, handfuls of the video’s viewers believe the couple had only seen a manatee. Some guessed it may have looked weird to the videographer as it may have been struggling at low tide. Other viewers guessed that the couple may have seen a black bear navigating the waters off the coast. Still, more people chose not to venture a guess.

While most viewers have concluded the sea creature is a manatee, Tiller doesn’t appear sold.

“I can’t find any video online that shows manatees to look like this with rolling shoulders,” he continued. “The shoulders were terrifying and very powerful looking! Never have I seen a manatee look or act like this!”

As much as Tiller insists that the photographed sea creature is not a manatee, science and experts seem to believe otherwise. Fish and Wildlife Commission officers said in an email about the encounter, “Our biologists believe it looks like a manatee in very shallow water that is ‘pec walking.'”

It’s certainly possible that this is what the couple saw. Per the outlet, manatees typically grow up to 10 feet in length and, on average, weigh about 1,000 pounds. Some, though, can surpass that, achieving 13 feet in length and reaching as much as 3,500 pounds.