Social Media Unleashes on Yellowstone Tourists Filmed Getting Within Inches of Massive Elk

by Amy Myers

At this point, it’s hard to have sympathy for these Yellowstone tourists that insist on ignoring all park signs (and common sense) and approaching wild animals anyway.

There are hundreds of examples online of what not to do around Yellowstone’s mammals, like bison, pronghorns, bears and elk. Each one starts the same. Someone with a phone decides they need to risk their safety and the animals’ for a photo and promptly find out that these creatures prefer some personal space – at least 25 feet of personal space.

This time, it wasn’t just one tourist that made this mistake. It was an entire assembly.

The Instagram account, Tourons of Yellowstone, posted the most recent foolishness. In a short clip, a rule-abiding visitor recorded a line of visitors all standing two hoof prints away from a giant bull elk. Each one lifted their phone in front of their face, too preoccupied with what filter to use rather than how many bones they would break if the elk decided to charge.

Fellow National Park Fans Can’t Believe These Tourists’ Mistakes

Not surprisingly, the video caused quite an uproar from Yellowstone visitors that know to keep their distance from wild animals.

“It always amazes me that (many) visitors manage to book flights, hotels, cars, and dress & feed themselves – but have no sense of self preservation around wildlife,” one viewer lamented.

One person even claimed that this kind of behavior was the exact reason they could never visit Yellowstone National Park.

Meanwhile, others thought about the perfect punishment for the tourons’ behavior.

“I’d love to take all of these people pictures while eating,” another person shared. “Get close up shots of them chewing there food, or just follow them around Yellowstone and take continuous close ups of them doing normal activities, that way they can feel like the wildlife they are disrupting.”

A third viewer preferred to see the elk exact its revenge.

“Nothing would make me happier than seeing this elk just plowing through that croc-laden crowd,” they said.

‘Petting Zoo’ Comic Perfectly Depicts Mindset of Yellowstone Visitors

The Instagram account also posted a comic recently that demonstrates exactly how these kinds of tourists treat wildlife.

The panel featured an “unofficial guide to Yellowstone’s petting zoo” with five animals that tourists often try to approach. There was also a reminder to reserve a hospital room in advance of the visit. Of these creatures, the “fluffy cow,” “bugle goat” and “cute teddy” are the most popular subjects of people’s stupidity.

This depiction of tourists’ perspective of these dangerous animals was spot on, but the kicker was the asterisked line the artist had to include at the bottom. The note explicitly stated that a petting zoo guide was not a real thing for Yellowstone.

And unfortunately, this disclaimer is absolutely necessary.