South Carolina Hunter Tells the Story of Having Bigfoot-Like Creature in His Sights for 20 Minutes

by Jonathan Howard

Is there anything better than a good bigfoot story? One South Carolina hunter recalled his sasquatch tale recently, and it’s a bit chilling. There are all kinds of sightings and things in the outdoors. Some are good faith belief that something supernatural was going on. Then, there are just outright lies that muddy the already blurry waters that surround the topic.

One of the best in the bigfoot game right now has to be the Sasquatch Chronicles. Their blog and podcast detail stories from all over the United States. You spend enough time in the woods and forests – sometimes things aren’t always what they seem. And sometimes you aren’t quite sure what you’ve seen.

What “Bo” originally thought was a bear turned out to be something more human…or perhaps less human, really. The hunter saw something off in the distance, it was 1999 and he was out with his father looking to score some game. He looked through his scope at what he thought was the bear.

“So I put my gun up on the shooting rail, still like kneeled down on the floorboard of the deer stand, and I scoped it and it’s like going down to the ground then it walks a little bit and stands up real tall – like a person – and it’s looking away from me,” he explained.

The scope revealed this wasn’t any bear.

“It looks like something you see in an army movie when snipers crawl through the dirt, but it’s more black with a little bit gray and sticks and maybe some mud and leaves. If it was a ghillie suit it was probably the most expensive one ever made because it had to be tailor-made, whatever was wearing it was built like a body builder.”

Possible Bigfoot Sighting Made for a Scary Situation

Bo was not comfortable with what he saw. He wasn’t just taken aback by the bigfoot’s physical appearance, it had to do with how it moved as well.

“He went hundred and eighty like immediately, which freaked me out and I flipped my safety off because it was crazy how fast this thing flipped around and it was all stretched out, which was crazy.”

There isn’t much you can do in this situation. About 140 yards away, this beast, or whatever it was, started to do things that Bo wasn’t sure were possible. He kept his scope trained on the bigfoot character. The animal just kept getting more wild as the seconds ticked on by.

“It bolts [after he waved his hand] and I’d say it probably had to close to between 60 and 100 yards in about three seconds.

“It went from flat on its belly to its knees to standing and leaping completely off the middle of the road to like 30 feet to its left and then it ran so quick it looked like it was like on a zipline.”

Whatever Bo saw that day, bigfoot, creature, whatever or whoever… It sure wasn’t a bear. So, Outsiders, do YOU believe in sasquatch?