South Carolina Woman Issues Warning After Bears Completely Wipe Out Her Chickens

by Sean Griffin

A woman from Pumpkintown, South Carolina is now pleading for people to not feed bears in the area. Multiple bears recently ate her chickens and destroyed much of her backyard.

“If you have chickens and do not have electric fence, beware,” Amy McIntosh Allen posted in a community Facebook page.

“The damage was just shocking,” Allen told WYFF News 4.

She claimed that over the weekend, a mama bear and two of her cubs came to Allen’s home. Then, they destroyed her run and ate six of her chickens.

“They did not move with a bear horn,” Allen said in the Facebook post.

She continued, writing: “They just looked at me. They finally left after some rounds fired in area. They came right back and tore a solid wood door in half to get to my only remaining living chicken!”

Allen said there was no food in the building they broke into, fortunately. She also told WYFF News 4 that about four weeks ago, the family had tried to open the coop door.

“These guys are not shy and they could care less if humans are around,” Allen wrote in her post.

Now, Allen is advocating against feeding the bears, begging people in the area to do the same.

“We understand this is their habitat and we respect that but we really need people to stop feeding them so that the bears will be shy around humans again,” Allen said. “Someone’s house is going to be next with these.”

Grizzly Bears Fight Over Female on Rocky Terrain

In this shocking footage, two massive testosterone-fueled grizzly bears fight over a female in this footage that lasts over five minutes.

User Jeremy Bagwell posted the years-old video to YouTube, where it currently has over two million views. The grizzlies duel on rocky terrain, trading blows and wrestling.

Fans of the video online took to the comment section to voice their thoughts on the incredible encounter. One person wrote: “When you look at these grizzlies fighting you get the sense how strong and muscular they really are. Also pretty agile for their size.”

Another person commented on the fighting prowess of the majestic beasts. They wrote: “Grizzlies have such a strong and innate sense of balance + leverages. It’s like they’re on the wrestling team of the animal kingdom.”

That commenter is spot on. Throughout the video, the grizzlies twist and contort their bodies to gain maximum leverage, just like a wrestler does.

“That was incredibly evenly matched,” another user wrote. “Amazing that they both stayed on their feet as much as they did, standing on rocks no less.”

A final user commented about the natural intelligence of the animal in their fight for a mate. The user commented that the bears both knew that in this instance, they were fighting to win the girl, not to kill each other like most of these physical encounters.