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WATCH: Squirrel Viciously Ambushes Bird, Sends Feathers Flying

by Craig Garrett
Squirrel posing as a street fighter - stock photo

viral video of a squirrel putting up his dukes and swatting a few birds out of a birdbath has Instagram clutching their nuts. The “Nature is Metal” Instagram account definitely isn’t for the faint of heart–it’s full of graphic images of animals that haven’t been censored or edited in any way. Even so, it’s managed to grow a following of over 4 million people who appreciate its raw honesty. With high-profile followers like Joe Rogan, it shares some focus with other popular accounts.

A recent post about a rampaging squirrel has had followers flooding the comment section. The clip shows the critter leaping at a few birds hanging out in a snowed-over birdbath. The raging rodent even manages to snatch up one of the feathered victims and savagely yanks out about. However, the bird manages to escape.

As always, “Nature is Metal” expertly caption the posted footage. “Squirrels are not known for their bloodlust,” they write. “That’s because they have other ways of satisfying their hunger. By following a diet that is primarily herbivorous, they can usually accumulate enough calories without the need to murder anything.” ⁣

Instagram users seemed in denial about squirrels eating meat

⁣However, “Nature is Metal” speculates that the bushy-tailed pugilist was looking for some protein. “When food becomes scarce or at least temporarily hidden under a thick layer of snow, all bets are off. Squirrels, along with many other wild lifeforms, can and will shift their diet to what is provided to them by nature. They are true survivalists.” The caption goes on to point out that while the bird did escape, the squirrel would probably try again.

The post garnered a lot of attention from followers. It has over 21,000 likes and dozens of comments. “Nature is Metal” has a loyal following that respects the knowledge of the account. However, some Instagram users questioned the true motives of the squirrel. “Seemed more like the squirrel was being protective over what it considered its food source/stockpile than trying to kill and eat the bird,” one user wrote.

Meanwhile, another follower was sure that the attack was personal. “I feel like that squirrel and bird had previous beef, lol!” Finally, another fan thought other followers were being soft by denying the cute rodent would eat meat. “People who think squirrels are innocent creatures haven’t spent enough time out in nature,” they wrote.

Squirrels are herbivores for the most part, which means they eat a plethora of plants as well numerous types of nuts and seeds. Other than that, they also feed on cones from conifer trees, fruits, fungi, and green vegetation. Having said that, some squirrel species do consume meat every now and then– normally when they’re feeling famished. It’s been documented before that these creatures will feast on small birds or snakes; younger rodents too in some cases. Furthermore, certain tropical squirrels have developed a taste for insects almost entirely instead of anything else.