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Storm Chaser GOAT Reed Timmer Reveals Photo of His Eyebrows, Face Completely Iced Over

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

A legendary storm chaser and lifetime severe weather fanatic, Reed Timmer is no stranger to extreme conditions. From tornadoes to hurricanes to flash floods to freak hail storms, he’s seen it all. So when the chance to venture out into a “once in a generation” blizzard presented itself, he didn’t shy away.

Now, stepping into a blizzard isn’t automatically life-threatening – as long as you dress appropriately and keep your outdoor time limited. A balaclava, for example, is highly recommended in the case of severe winter weather. It covers your entire head in a warm, waterproof fabric, with the exception of your eyes. For those, you’ll need goggles.

But Reed Timmer apparently doesn’t believe in goggles. At least, one would assume he doesn’t, judging by his most recent selfie. In it, he’s fresh from the blizzard whipping its way through Buffalo, his eyelashes and eyebrows covered in a thick coating of ice. “Good thing I keep my eyebrows extra bushy just in case I need them,” Timmer wrote jokingly.

Social Media Responds to Outrageous Reed Timmer Pic

Timmer’s followers didn’t find his hazardous outdoor adventure quite as amusing as he did. Though the picture received plenty of likes and retweets, the storm chaser also received numerous concerned replies from his followers.

“Reed Marie Timmer, you need to go warm that face up before your nose gets frostbite,” one user joked. “Dude I went outside and my snot started freezing. I couldn’t even handle that. I can’t imagine frosty eyeballs. Ouch,” another said.

“3M makes a wraparound safety goggle that’s like $17 at Home Depot and works just as good as ski goggles, man. You’re working on facial frostbite, there,” a concerned user added. “Wow Reed that looks like it hurts a little bit,” another agreed.

Needless to say, frostbite is a serious consequence of spending too much time in frigid weather, especially on the most vulnerable areas of your body such as your nose, ears, and face.

To prevent it, avoid spending too much time in temperatures below 30 degrees F, especially without the appropriate winter weather gear. Exposed skin can develop frostbite in 30 minutes or less in extreme weather, even with low wind speeds.