Strange Suitcase ‘Moving’ Along Highway Leads To Animal Rescue in North Carolina

by Craig Garrett

When passers-by noticed an abandoned suitcase strangely “moving” by itself along a North Carolina highway, an odd animal rescue took place. On Saturday, September 17th, the suitcase was discovered, reports South Carolina newspaper, The State. To the rescuers’ shock, four live puppies were discovered zipped inside of a suitcase by some “good Samaritans.”

According to Guilford County Animal Services, these individuals are being lauded for their actions. The agency has not released any information about the identity of these people or where in the county the suitcase was found. Guilford County is located approximately 75 miles west of Raleigh off Interstate 40.

Guilford County Animal Services posted about the event on Facebook. “They saw the suitcase moving, and a nose was poking out of an unzipped corner. There were four puppies in the suitcase,” shelter officials said. “They were shocked as to what they found, and immediately brought them to the shelter.” The four puppies, all female, are about 10 weeks old and are believed to be “Labrador/pit bull mixes.” The shelter ended up giving the pups fun names. They’re all “suitcase/travel names,” including Tumi, Samsonite, Stowaway, and Carion (carry-on).

The image shows four puppies still inside the open suitcase. “Shout out to all the Good Samaritans who take the time to help animals in need,” Guilford County Animal Services wrote. “These four puppies were found in this suitcase on the side of a road, with the case zippered except for one small part. The Good Sams saw the case moving and stopped. They were shocked as to what they found and immediately brought them to the shelter.”

The shelter’s social media is buzzing after the animal rescue

The animal rescue isn’t totally complete until the pooches find new homes. The shelter hints that they will be up for adoption soon. “These puppies will now be medically evaluated and hopefully up for adoption or rescue soon. Thank you Good Sam’s for saving four lives today!”

The inspection of the suitcase gave no indication of an owner, but the couple brought it – along with the black puppies – to the shelter.“This was a first for us,” shelter officials explained. “These puppies will now be medically evaluated and hopefully up for adoption or rescue soon.” Social media has erupted with hundreds of comments about the rescue, with the majority praising the animal rescue and blaming the individual who trapped them.

“This just breaks my heart and makes me so angry all at the same time,” one user wrote on the shelter’s Facebook page. “It’s so cruel. They all had to be terrified.”Another user focuses on the person that ditched the cute pooches. “What an awful person to abandon these sweet babies. I hope they are ok and find loving homes.” Finally, another user pointed out even more puppies needing homes. “This isn’t the only puppies now at the shelter. Someone else dumped 6 puppies off on the road with a blanket and the girl that found them took them to GCAC. They were maybe a week old.”