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Shocking Video Shows California Cliff Collapsing Onto the Coastline

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

A wild outdoor video features aerial footage of the moment that a southern California cliff tumbles forward. Sending a shocking amount of rocks, dirt and other debris collapsing onto the beach.

The terrifying footage shows the moment piles of debris and wayward rocks formed into a dangerous landslide, ultimately cascading onto the beach. Some of the debris even landed further as it flew off the cliff, falling into the water.

The debris was tumbling so fast that a maintenance truck that was parked beneath the cliff suffered damage from the falling rocks. Thankfully, however, officials share that no injuries have been reported as a result of the Friday cliff collapse.

The Landslide Tumbled Down Onto The California Beach Just About 30 Miles From The Los Angeles Area

The shocking aerial footage shares the moment the debris begins to tumble down from the California beach cliff. The dust cloud is unmistakable as the rocks fall from above Rat Beach near Palos Verdes. This area sits along the coast near Los Angeles. According to reports, a busy golf course sits atop the tumbling cliff.

There is no information regarding what it was, exactly, that prompted the dirt, rocks, and other dangerous debris to fall onto the beach below. No injuries have been reported. The maintenance truck that was in the area for repairs on the beach did face quite a bit of damage from the tumbling debris, however. Officials continue to warn would-be beach visitors to avoid the area for now. The possibility of further debris falling down from the cliff has not been ruled out.

The Palos Verdes Area Often Sees Cliff Collapses Such As This One, Reports Warn

A recent study was published by experts studying similar activity in the Palos Verdes area. This study was conducted in the fall and also includes information on the surrounding locations. The information collected by the experts notes that this activity, while unexpected, isn’t exactly uncommon or unusual.

According to recently released studies published this fall, experts note that the Palos Verdes area is a top spot along the California coast for phenomena such as this recent cliff collapse. These events, which experts often refer to as “coastline retreats” happen in the area at a rate of around 16 events a year.

California Man Tumbles 100 Feet After Cliff Collapses Unexpectedly

Earlier this year, a California man faced some incredible luck as a 100-foot fall from a cliff collapse sent him flying onto the beach below. A Twitter post details the terrifying event as the Cal Fire department out of the San Mateo/Santa Cruz area recounts the terrifying moments.

“CLIFF RESCUE,” notes the tweet.

“The cliff crumbled beneath a man who was walking at dawn in Moss Beach,” the post continues.

“He fell est. 100 feet & yelled for help. At 8:30 am a woman nearby heard his calls,” the caption continues. “Coastside Fire pulled him to safety within 22 minutes of their arrival. Avoid cliff edges as they are unstable.”