Super Dad Builds Epic Water Slide for His Kids in Their Backyard

by Emily Morgan

A father is now being dubbed “Dad of the Year” after he built a water slide for his kids.

Handyman Mark Howell was tearing down an old deck from a friend’s home when he got a brilliant idea for his kids. After taking the discarded wood planks he transformed into something magical. As a result, he gifted his two young children with a brand new waterslide, fit for a waterpark.

Afterward, his rugrats, nine-year-old Lily Rayne and six-year-old Welton, wasted no time and hopped on the water slide to slip down into the water of their swimming pool. In addition, the self-employed builder even took a turn himself.

In addition, their mom Danielle Brown, 43, also loved watching her little ones soak up the final days of summer with their own personal waterslide.

Dad builds water slide for his children in a matter of hours

Brown, a travel business owner and mentor from the UK, said: “When our new pool went up, the kids’ existing slide didn’t fit, so I asked Mark to sort a new slide, and a light bulb went off in his head.”

She continued: “The result was this slide. It’s lined with floor sponges, soft play mats, and then multiple layers of damp proof membrane. A sub pump brings the water up from the pool and down the slide to keep it cool and allow the children to slide easily down.”

The mom also said her handyman husband completed the slide in just a couple of hours when she was away from their house having lunch.

The mom continued: “I was shocked when I got home. But then I saw what he created and absolutely loved it. He is incredibly innovative and we all think the slide is amazing. The kids have been using it ever since, and loved it today with Daddy home from work!”

According to Brown, they’ve seen temperatures in their area get as high as 104 Fahrenheit.

Man goes viral for death-defying water slide stunt

In addition, a man recently went viral for his risky moves on a waterslide. After the video came out, many wondered if the man was having a mid-life crisis or just had one too many cold ones.

However, viewers later learned it was the result of marketing. As it turns out, a waterpark in France hosted a competition sponsored by Red Bull. The death-defying man from the video is known as “La Mascotte,” or The Mascot.

According to posts from his Instagram account, the man suffered some serious bruises from the stunt. But, other than that, he managed to come out unscathed. In the past, the same daredevil also jumped off a bridge.

Check out the video below to see the man soar into the air as the crowd goes wild in amazement.