Texas Bow Fisherman Nails Massive 271-Pound Alligator Gar: PHOTO

by Amy Myers

In Texas, you can pull nearly 300-pound dinosaurs out of the water like it’s no big deal. At least, that’s what happened when a bow fisherman landed this giant alligator gar last week. 

As one of the largest freshwater fish in North America, the alligator gar is an impressive conquest, especially if you find one that rivals an actual alligator’s weight. While obviously not really a dinosaur, its long snout, low-set eyes and jagged teeth are enough to make you think we never left the Mesozoic era. 

So, when some Texas anglers managed to pull a 271-pounder, they definitely deserved some praise. 

South Texas Bowfishing took the eager anglers out onto local waters in search of a massive catch. And the trip did not disappoint.

“New personal record for South Texas Bowfishing!! Had a great group of repeat customers that connected on true once in a lifetime trophy. 7’ 11” giant with a 48” girth weighing in at 271 pounds,” the bow fishing company announced on Facebook. Judging by the company’s logo, alligator gars are their specialty. 

Along with the notice of the nearly 8-foot-long gar, South Texas Bow Fishing also included photos of one of the anglers sprawled beside it. How they managed to get that monster back to shore is a mystery. 

Scott Meshell, who runs South Texas Bowfishing, credited the catch to three anglers, LG Selvidge, Tim Selvidge and John Jackson. According to the fishing guide, this was the largest alligator gar that his company had ever caught. It was just 19 pounds shy of the current Texas state record catch. 

“[It was] definitely an amazing experience for me as a guide,” Meshell told Fox News Digital. “It’s one of my highlights.” 

Fellow Texas Angler Brings in Massive Alligator Gar

Just a month prior, another Texas bow fisherman brought in a huge alligator gar. And this one was almost as large as the one from South Texas Bowfishing. 

Angler brothers Gerardo and Edgar Benitez decided to test their luck with the ancient, humongous fish and came back with a victory for the books. On June 8, the Benitez brothers posted proof of their 7-foot 8-inch alligator gar on Facebook. According to the pair, they had wrangled the beast on Falcon Lake, a Rio Grande reservoir on the border of Mexico and Texas.

The fish is just three inches shy of the South Texas Bowfishing crew’s latest catch. From its huge belly, it looks like it could come close to its weight, too. 

In the comments of the post, Gerardo Benetiz noted that “you have 1 or 2 seconds at the most to get a shot” at an alligator gar, and you better make it a good one.