Texas Man Escapes Death After Copperhead Snake Hidden in Toolbox Attacks

by Jonathan Howard

I have a lot of projects I let go to the wayside, and this video of a copperhead lounging in a Texas man’s toolbox has me thinking I should check mine out. The outdoors comes inside from time to time. While a lot of snakes are harmless and won’t mess with you if you don’t mess with them, that’s not always the case. Things are a lot different down in the Lone Star State.

You could argue that in many ways, Texas is like America’s own Australia. You could die of thirst if you aren’t careful in certain parts. Oh, and that’s only if all of the deadly critters don’t get you first. Texas is a huge state and therefore, it has a rich biodiversity.

That includes poisonous snakes like copperheads. Check out this video from the Dallas-Fort Worth NBC station Channel 5. It didn’t get the owner of the toolbox but it, unfortunately, bit his neighbor who was hoping to borrow a tool.

The good news is that the man that was bitten is going to be alright. They acted quickly and everything worked out in the end. The snake was probably disposed of. Who knows what they might have done with it after that?

Personally, if a snake bites me, I’m gonna have to kill it. I’d like to think the better angels of my nature would have me relocate an animal just looking for shelter and comfort. But I know myself better than that.

By the way, it seems like copperheads like to cozy up in garages. Think about it, they can be warm refuges, and sometimes a mouse or a few might be crawling around as easy hunting.

9-Year-Old Bitten by Copperhead in North Carolina

Over in North Carolina, a 9-year-old was bitten by a copperhead while she was leaving the garage. At first, the child didn’t notice anything but a stinging sensation in her foot let her know something wasn’t right. At first, she thought it was from stepping on a stick or something. However, it was a little more serious than that.

She looked down and to her surprise, it was a snake! Not just any snake, but a copperhead. The girl let her parents know and they rushed her over to the hospital. The incident happened back in August, one of the times of the year when snake bites go up. The reptiles are very active in the latter parts of the summer.

Thankfully, the parents were quick and their daughter didn’t have to go through too much trouble. A trip to the hospital helped her out and made sure she didn’t get seriously hurt. Make sure you watch where you’re reaching and walking in your garage. From the toolbox to the ground, a snake could be lurking around if you aren’t careful.