Texas Man Fights Off His Pet Emu With Pool Noodle: VIDEO

by Emily Morgan

After a Texas man’s pet emu got too territorial, the man had to bring out the big guns: his pool noodle. According to reports, the man used the pool toy after his five-year-old emu, named Cosmo, went after him. The pet owner, Toby Wilson, has had two pet emus for the last five years.

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“They were our babies. She would put sock diapers on them. They would run around inside,” Toby Wilson said of how his wife, Michelle, treated the unusual pets as if they were their children.

However, it seems like the family dynamic has changed. Once the emu couple welcomed their own babies, new-dad Cosmo is now protective. While the family revealed Cosmo doesn’t feel threatened by Michelle, the same can’t be said of Toby. According to toby, Cosmo will often charge Toby more when he’s on his riding lawnmower.

Tik Tok users comment on Toby’s mowing, rather than his emu issues

“I turn my back, and wham, he bites me right on top of the head. And it hurts pretty good,” Toby said of a recent ambush from Cosmo.

Now, Toby has figured out a way to combat Cosmo. He’s recently discovered that if he weaponized a pool noodle, he could defend himself. However, now, it takes him double the time to get his mowing done as he has to fight off his emu. However, even when he’s not mowing, he still has to keep his pool noodle with him everywhere he goes.

“Oh, I tell him, I say, ‘Look, bird, you better get away. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. I’m going to give you the noodle,'” he said.

His wife even rigged up a hat with an attached pool noodle, hoping that the innovative item would dissuade Cosmo’s charges. However, the emu ignored it completely.

“I took a pool noodle, cut it in half, and just hot-glued it to a cowboy hat,” she said.

While the crafty hat didn’t help the issue, the couple’s videos have since gone viral on TikTok. However, in the comments, people aren’t discussing his bird bother. But instead, they’re critiquing his mowing technique.

However, the pool noodle seems to be the only thing between Wilson mowing his lawn and getting mowed down by his bird.

What to know if you’re thinking of getting an emu

If Toby’s story hasn’t scared you away from considering getting a pet emu, we have good news. Although Toby may say differently, experts say emus make good pets.

However, there are a few considerations you should know, per PetKeen. First, experts urge people to get their emu when they’re young chicks. In addition, some emu owners report that they have calmer emus if they have been hatched artificially rather than naturally.

It’s also important to know that they grow pretty quickly, so you’ll need to be prepared to have a proper place for them outside that will keep them safe from predators.