WATCH: Texas Police Use Tow Truck to Haul 400-Pound Alligator Out of Neighborhood

by Joe Rutland

OK, so imagine you are just driving around the neighborhood in Texas for some relaxation when you come across an alligator. Now, this is not your normal, run-of-the-mill gator. No way. This bad boy is weighing 400 pounds and going wherever the heck he wants to go. In this viral video, you can see him wandering around and looking for something. Maybe he’s looking for food.

Or, well, he’s checking out places to move into around Katy, Texas. That’s where the alligator gets picked up by officials. Katy is near the Greater Houston area and isn’t really close to a waterway. It’s pretty amazing to see this alligator just cruising around. Eventually, fish and game officials, along with law enforcement, would come along and tow him away. Yep, it took the power of a tow truck to get him away from the people.

You can see him getting off of the ground. This looked like quite the experience that people went through one day. What a story you can tell your kids. Just like, you know, one day you are wandering around and get a call about an alligator. As we said, this isn’t just any old gator. This is a 400-pounder. Mercy! OK, well, take a look for yourself right here.

Alligator Plays Role In Florida Man’s Death

Just to throw more caution to the wind, this alligator was 11 feet long. That’s one whopper of a gator. Hey, since things are sometimes bigger in Texas, well, it makes a little bit of sense he’s really big. Still, the entire operation of seeing a tow truck called to get rid of the gator is amazing. We admit that we’ve never seen this type of operation take place. Alligators are very interesting animals.

They have been known to terrorize people in Florida. In fact, we do have a Florida-related story when it comes to a gator. A Florida man drowned following an alligator attack. This involved a man named Sean McGuinness, who was 47 years old. His body was recovered on May 31. A medical examiner has reported that the cause of death is drowning. Largo, Florida, police added that they think McGuinness was searching for frisbees in the lake.

He would look for them and reportedly look to exchange them for money. Sadly, the man’s body was recovered. He was missing both arms and even portions of his left leg. A toxicology report would indicate that traces of cocaine were present in his body when he died. Trappers were called in to remove two gators from the lake. Necropsies, though, would indicate neither one of them would be involved in the attack.