Texas Winter Storm: Mom Reveals Daughter’s Fish Tank Completely Froze After Losing Power in Home

by Madison Miller

Many people have been using social media to share what the conditions are like in Texas right now.

Many of them are lighthearted, while others point out just how serious this snowstorm continues to be for Texas.

A Frozen Fish Tank

One woman from Amarillo, Texas shared a video of her daughter’s frozen fish tank.

Reni King shared the video that shows her fish tank as a solid block of ice. She told Buzzfeed News that, “Ever since Sunday the cold has not let up, and the snow keeps coming down.”

She said that her home lost power a few times, their taps froze, and they even had to stay in a hotel for a few nights. This is because the family has an infant child and the temperatures in the house were getting drastically low.

King posted the video to TikTok where she captioned it, “this is what it’s like living in TX rn.” The video went viral and currently has 3.6 million likes and over 23 million views.

King also said that the fish “looks very much dead to us.” Many people on TikTok urged her to wait before saying goodbye with a flush to the toilet just in case there was a little life left in it. However, it seems pretty unlikely for the fish to live after being frozen solid.

The Situation in Texas

As of now, more cold weather and snow are expected to continue into the weekend.

CNN reported that as of today there are 500,000 without power. This is less than yesterday’s 3 million dealing with outages. There are 12 million people who are facing water disruptions, boil-water notices, and a problem with pipes at home.

According to USA Today, the extreme energy demand and the frozen utility plants are just a few of the factors that led to extreme power outages across the state.

On poweroutage.us people can view how many residents are currently living without power.

There are currently 21 dead as a result of the vicious winter weather that has swept all across the country. It has also slowed down the facilitation of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Social Media Texas Snowstorm

Social media has created a meeting ground for people that are trying to make it through this snowstorm and single-digit temperatures.

Many of the posts on Twitter detail the gruesome reality of Texas at the moment. It features people bundled up in their homes and the extremely long lines at grocery stores to stock up on food.

Other people have tried to spread some light during these dark times. This means spreading the news on how people are trying to make the weather less daunting.

Other people are sharing really essential and possibly even lifesaving tips on how to make it through cold weather, power outages, and other obstacles that have come from the snowstorm.

One Twitter thread tells people how to stay as warm as possible when trapped at home. The thread explains loose layers keep you warmer and that towels under doors are important as just a few suggestions.