The Internet Can’t Get Enough of This Viral Video of a Polar Bear Mama & Her Baby

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Johnny Johnson

If you’re looking for a clip to cheer you up, look no further. We have an adorable video of a momma polar bear sharing a special moment with its cub in its natural habitat. While there’s a plethora of cute animal videos online, this one has captured the hearts of millions.

A user named Buitengebieden shared the sweet video on Twitter on Saturday, captioning it, “Mommy and her cub.”

The 9-second moment shows the mother bear on the ice while her young cub attempts to play with its mother. Viewers watch in awe as the little cub crawls on its mother’s body and gives its mother some kisses. It’s obvious the mother bear loves her baby with all her heart.

After posting, the viral clip has now accumulated over 2.2 million views and more than 1.2 likes. In addition, more than 13,000 users have retweeted the post. There’s no doubt we all love seeing clips of animals sharing sweet moments together.

One user wrote in the replies, “Precious…hope they are safe and live a long healthy life.” A second user commented, “I love what you share with us. This is definitely one of the best.”

Someone else added: “I still don’t understand how some animals can be dangerous and so cute at the same time.”

Photographer captures rare moment showing polar bears in field

Recently, another group of polar bears was spotted relaxing in fields in Churchill, a small town just south of the Arctic circle in Canada. The town is also known as the “polar bear capital of the world.”

According to reports, around 17,000 polar bears live in the Arctic regions of Canada, which make up nearly 60 percent of the global population. Martin Gregus, the photographer, said the pics show a gentle and caring side to the ferocious animals.

“It’s extremely humbling seeing a bear, but to get the opportunity to film over 50 of them over a couple of summers was extremely humbling, no matter the environment they’re in,” he said.

Although the animals need to be on sea ice for hunting and mating, sometimes you’ll see them walking through towns when the ice melts in the Hudson Bay between October and November.

In addition, Bear tourism is a vital part of the town’s local economy. Thousands of visitors go to the town each year during the bear season. Despite the continuing loss of sea ice habitat, the bears’ future in Churchill remains stable.

Officially classified as a “vulnerable” endangered creature by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Canada’s conservation efforts have seen polar bear numbers rise in the past few years.

Scientists have also collaborated with local Inuit populations to study and manage hunting.