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The Internet Thinks This Beachgoer Just Snapped Pics of a ‘Baby Loch Ness’ Monster: LOOK

by Craig Garrett
(Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

A strange carcass nicknamed the “baby Loch Ness monster” after going viral online has finally been identified. A British beachcomber discovered the remains and shared pictures in hopes that someone would be able to identify them. The creature, which looks quite strange, was reportedly found in November, reports the New York Post. Recently, it surfaced on Reddit and is now causing a stir as users try to make sense of it.

Lindsay Freeman discovered what would later be dubbed the “baby Loch Ness monster.” She spotted it while strolling on the beach in Poole, Dorset. “It looked like a sea monster,” Freeman told Pen News. “It caught my eye because it was so unusual-looking and large,” she continued. “I couldn’t think of an animal that had a tail like a shark, but also legs like a turtle. It also looked like it had little arms and a very strange head.” 

The creature in the photos seems to have four flippers, a long neck, and a tail like a plesiosaur — which is an extinct dinosaur that sparked the Loch Ness monster myth. An image of the strange-looking carcass was shared on Twitter.

Freeman was confused by the sea creature and sent her family a photo, asking for an explanation. None of her close friends could tell her what kind of animal it was, but Reddit’s always-willing commenters were quick to take on the challenge. “Baby Loch Ness monster for sure,” one armchair expert declared. “Bro it’s clearly a baby Loch Ness monster,” another certified marine biologist wrote. Marine enthusiasts were quick to label the sea creature a “liopleurodon,” an aquatic predator that roamed Earth’s oceans during the Jurassic period.

Finally, the ‘Baby Loch Ness’ Monster is identified

However, a slew of skeptics helped reality shine through the haze of the paranormal. Critics claimed the animal was actually an injured stingray called a marine thornback, which is found in the UK. “It’s a winged thornback ray,” a more level-headed user wrote. They apparently even had some experience butchering the fish. “Doesn’t look like it’s been winged correctly, you’re supposed to cut around their snout so the two wings stay connected. We called the filleted wings handbags.”

Another Redditor seemed to agree. “It looks like the ray has been predated upon. The fins have been eaten.” Another hoped the animal had been killed humanely. “Line caught, wings removed, carcass left,” they wrote. “Hopefully, fishermen killed before butchering.”

The Loch Ness monster is a popular legend, with many people claiming to have seen the creature. However, there is skepticism surrounding the existence of the monster. Ronald Binns is one such skeptic, and he has written two books on his disbelief of the Loch Ness monster: The Loch Ness Mystery Solved published in 1983, and his more recent book from 2017, The Loch Ness Mystery Reloaded.

In these books, he argues that one aspect of human psychology is the ability of the eye to see what it wants or expects to see. There are several potential explanations for these sightings, including misidentifications of known animals or objects, reinterpretations of Scottish folklore, hoaxes, and exotic species of large animals.