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The Moon Pulls Off Incredible Photobomb on the Sun in Space Satellite Pic

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by: Jon G. Fuller, Jr./VW PICS/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

A space satellite captured something amazing recently…something we could call the ultimate photobomb. This jaw-dropping moment happened earlier this week as the Earth’s moon passes in front of the sun. This, of course, resulted in a stunning eclipse as the moon blocked the sun’s blazing surface with a shadowy silhouette. However, the wild moment was only visible from space.

The Stunning Eclipse Was Captured By A Space Satellite While Observing The Sun

The Earth’s moon mastered the ultimate photobomb this week when it moved in front of the sun while a space satellite was observing the blazing star. The resulting picture is a stunning one as the moon creates a dark silhouette with the blazing sun shining behind it.

The images were captured by the GOES space satellite with its Solar Ultraviolet Imager instrument (SUVI) while observing the sun’s corona. This space satellite is tasked with observing and recording solar emissions that act as warning signs for major solar flares. These flares can cause blackouts here on Earth.

NASA Shares Amazing Images Of The Earth’s Surface Along With The Moon’s

Earlier this month, NASA finally launched the Artemis I rocket. This was big news after months of issues and delays. Then, shortly after takeoff, the rocket shared images of earth as the vessel shot off into space.

Then, on November 21, the Orion spacecraft sent down stunning pics showing the surface of the Earth and the moon from thousands of miles in space.

On Monday, November 21 the Artemis had been in space long enough to reach about 230,000 miles away from our Earth in its journey toward the moon. Eventually, Artemis will find a sustained orbit around the moon. However, it is snapping some impressive pics on its way there.

“Fly-by complete!” exclaims a recent Twitter post detailing the amazing journey.

“@NASA_Orion completed its closest fly-by of the Moon this morning,” the tweet continues.

“[Eighty-one] miles above the lunar surface,” the message adds. “traveling 5,102 mph.”

The Twitter post notes that an outbound powered fly-by burn was conducted before the final fly-by. These tests resulted in the spacecraft reaching speeds exceeding thousands of miles per hour.